Manitou Opens International Training Center in France

Oct. 16, 2019
The Manitou Group's new training center was inaugurated this week in Ancenis, France.

The Manitou Group's new training center was inaugurated this week in Ancenis, France. These premises were created specifically to train technicians to maintain, service, and repair Manitou Group products. This site, which spans 1,600 square meters (17,222 square feet), offers four 200 to 300 square meter-sized workshops (2,152 to 3,229 square feet).

     This new infrastructure addresses needs relating to machine dimension, especially height. The design of this infrastructure is based on the proximity of the training rooms to the workshops, thereby reducing travel time and improving the technicians’ productivity during the various training sessions. The spaces allocated to the 18 individuals who work in this new area were also re-designed in order to promote teamwork and the well-being of the employees.

     In addition to the physical training carried out in its many workshops, this training center offers high performance tools capable of meeting a sharp increase in requests for decentralized training.

     Lionel Deneu, manager of the center, highlights this increase: “In 2018, more than 3,500 technicians received training. 75 percent of the training was done remotely or at the group's subsidiaries. We are therefore able to group all of the dealers for each region together. To meet this growing demand, we included e-learning spaces for targeted technical updates and spaces to record tutorials to support quality decentralized training activities.”

      To meet this demand, which increased by 400 percent in only one year, the training center is equipped with three distance learning rooms and a recording studio.

      “It is critical to continuously adapt to train our technicians who maintain or repair our products all over the world,” said Maxime Deroch, president of the Services & Solutions Division for Manitou Group. “This investment is part of a broader vision, with the deployment of dedicated trainers in our subsidiaries. We also launched a Learning Management Software, which will make it possible to monitor the level and needs of our customers more closely, and increasingly effective diagnostic tools in relation to our connected machines. Thanks to this quality training, our teams, our dealers, and our key accounts have all of the knowledge they need to fully meet the expectations of our users.”