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Toyota Material Handling Launches Three New Electric Forklift Models

May 10, 2023
The new electric product launch features a Side-Entry End Rider, a Center Rider Stacker, and an Industrial Tow Tractor.

Toyota Material Handling is launching three new electric forklift models, adding to the company’s lineup of material handling products and solutions. The new electric product launch features a Side-Entry End Rider, a Center Rider Stacker, and an Industrial Tow Tractor.

“Toyota’s culture is built on the guiding principle of kaizen, or continuous improvement. The drive to continually improve permeates every facet of our company, from the broad range of products we manufacture to our unwavering commitment to provide our customers with the smartest and most reliable solutions available in the material handling industry,” said Jaksa Pejnovic, Toyota Material Handling vice president of sales & marketing. “We believe these new Toyota electric products will help customers get even more efficiency and productivity out of their operation.”

The new electric Side-Entry End Rider, available in both 6,000- and 8,000-pound models, is designed for cross-warehouse transportation and order picking, increasing uptime while reducing energy costs with a host of features, including an automatic parking brake and standard power steering. This product offers operators a forward-facing position with a clear line of sight when picking and placing loads and features a unique multifunction ergonomic control handle. Operators will also experience best-in-class turning radius and speed reduction during turns, making it easier to transport loads when cornering, ideal for a combination of applications. The Side-Entry Rider features quick access to the operator compartment from either side of the truck to ensure smoother operation. 

The innovative three-in-one design of the new electric Center Rider Stacker offers versatility, capable of performing the work of a center rider, order picker, and counterbalanced forklift all in one. With a lift capacity up to 2,500 pounds and lift height up to 72 inches, the Center Rider Stacker delivers the ultimate utility and value, offering lower labor, operational and equipment costs with increased productivity. The equipped ergonomic multifunction control handle and optional additional controls integrated into the backrest simplify operation and prioritize operator comfort. The center rider chassis allows operation in narrow aisles, on trailers, and is designed for long runs, staging and cross-dock work.

With a towing capacity of 15,000 pounds on flat surfaces, the new electric Industrial Tow Tractor is equipped with standard electric power steering to provide operators with effortless steering, improved ergonomics, and unmatched control. This tugger features an AC Drive Motor to provide the power needed to accomplish daily tasks and is designed to meet the needs of customers who are looking to get more done per trip.

Additionally, the Industrial Tow Tractor includes regenerative plugging, which not only reduces energy costs but results in increased efficiency and productivity shift after shift. The ergonomic design of this power player features an operator compartment sensor to encourage the operator to stand in the proper place for maximum comfort.

“Warehouses and distribution centers everywhere need material handling equipment that can help them keep pace with the speed of commerce,” said Tony Miller, Toyota Material Handling senior vice president of engineering, operations, and strategic planning. “Our customers have been asking for specific and sustainable solutions that get the job done. By adding these new models to Toyota’s expansive and growing lineup of electric products, we are in a position to lift up customers with the material handling solutions they need to be successful in today’s demanding market.”

The Industrial Tow Tractor and Center Rider Stacker are compatible with Toyota Lithium-Ion Batteries. All three new Toyota electric models offer optional features, allowing customers to customize orders to meet their unique needs, such as cold storage conditioning or PIN code access for enhanced security.

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