Stellar Shows a Mechanic Truck with Service Crane and a Hooklift at ARA Show

Feb. 27, 2024
Enhanced with radio remote controls, the NXT18 significantly boosts productivity by enabling precise handling.

Stellar presented several new products at the ARA Show, showing the TMAX 16K mechanic truck equipped with an EC3200 service crane, and also the NXT18 hooklift. The mechanic truck, equipped with EC3200 service crane is quality built to meet the demanding needs of rental businesses seeking powerful solutions to service customers’ rented equipment out in the field. Featuring a robust body, integrated crane system and the flexibility to tackle diverse job requirements, this versatile truck ensures maximum uptime and productivity in challenging environments.

ith an aluminum body, the TMAX 16K offers corrosion resistance and lighter weight compared to its steel counterpart, enabling increased payload capacity.

Complementing the TMAX 16K’s capabilities is the EC3200 Electric Service Crane, featuring a 3,200-pound lifting capacity with a 15-foot horizontal reach. This crane offers the lifting power users need with the economy they desire, handling a wide range of lifting needs without the need for frequent refueling. The EC3200 operates quietly without a pump, allowing users to work in noise-sensitive environments without disturbance.

Stellar NXT18 Hooklift

The NXT18 Hooklift offers performance and durability for a wide range of applications. The NXT18 delivers value and versatility to rental businesses requiring reliable solutions, serving as an adaptable tool for various tasks. Utilizing a flatbed body, the NXT18 efficiently delivers equipment as well as containers to haul materials as needed. Enhanced with radio remote controls, the NXT18 significantly boosts productivity by enabling precise handling.

The NXT18 Hooklift offers a 7.5-inch lost load height and an 18,000-pound lifting capacity. Engineered to accommodate 8-foot to 14-foot bodies for 84 inch to 120 inch CA chassis, this hooklift delivers versatility and performance. Its bolt-on body lock system ensures maximum compatibility and flexibility, offering universal adjustment for both inside and outside locks. Whether tackling demanding jobsites or seamlessly transitioning between various applications, the NXT18 Hooklift provides efficiency and reliability for rental businesses.