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Maxim Crane Works Purchases 51 Grove Mobile Cranes

July 13, 2021
Maxim said after speaking with its customers, it selected cranes it knew would be in demand over the coming five years, selecting the Grove cranes for their versatility and reliability.

Maxim Crane, the leading crane rental company in North America has purchased 51 Grove mobile cranes, a mix of high capacity rough-terrain cranes and five-axle and six-axle all-terrain cranes. Maxim said after speaking with its customers, it selected cranes it knew would be in demand over the coming five years, selecting the Grove cranes for their versatility and reliability.

Maxim said it just started receiving the first units from the order. The purchase — a combination of larger rough-terrain cranes and all-terrain cranes from Grove — is aimed at strengthening its fleet in several newly opened locations across the country. Maxim Crane’s order was driven by the results of an extensive market research survey that analyzed customer needs for lifting equipment, both at present and into the future.

“We evaluated each category of our current rental fleet and analyzed research data and conversations with our customers to determine what cranes they would need to meet their lifting needs for the next five years,” said Bryan Carlisle, CEO of Maxim Crane. “Based on the data, we felt that the combination of large RT cranes and AT cranes from Grove would enable us to maximize our uptime, increase our ‘rental readiness’ and provide the equipment that would be most versatile throughout the entire Maxim Crane footprint.”

In recent months, Maxim has expanded considerably with seven new locations in the United States. The new Grove cranes will support the company’s growth and were specifically chosen for their broad versatility that will help it meet the specialized needs of its wide range of customers throughout the country, the company said. The 51-crane purchase includes three GMK5250XL-1 ATs, which features the longest boom of any five-axle crane in the industry.

“Maxim Crane will continue to focus on successfully executing our long-term strategic planning by adding the best equipment and people available in the industry,” said Frank Bardonaro, chief operating officer of Maxim Crane. “We are committed to investing in the future and providing our team and customers with the best support equipment, facilities, safety practices and personnel available in the industry. Bryan and our team evaluated each product available and determined that the combination of GRT8100, GRT8120, GRT9165, GMK5150L, GMK5250XL-1, and GMK6300L models would be a perfect addition to our fleet.”

Manitowoc’s president and CEO Aaron Ravenscroft said Maxim Crane’s substantial investment in Grove cranes is a testament to the company’s focus on reliability, comfort and efficiency in its crane designs which has been driven by its Voice of the Customer process.

“Maxim Crane has been a fantastic customer of Manitowoc over the years, and this latest order is a strong demonstration of our continued partnership,” Ravenscroft said. “Our close collaboration with Maxim Crane and other customers has really helped us build this latest generation of Grove cranes that are tailored to our customer needs. Over the past five years, our focus has been on engineering greater reliability, longer booms, stronger capacities, better operator comfort, and improved efficiency into our cranes. We have invested heavily in understanding our customers’ requirements and translating that into practical designs. We are seeing a very positive reaction to our new models among our customers and dealers. This order from Maxim Crane is great reward for all the hard work our company has put in and it is a great tribute to Maxim Crane who we know will have great success with these cranes.”

Maxim Crane is set to receive the cranes from this 51 Grove crane order over the next 12 to 24 months. In a separate purchase in March, Maxim also ordered two Manitowoc MLC650 crawler cranes which will be delivered in 2021.

“We are confident that the addition of these new units along with our existing fleet and footprint will allow Maxim Crane to continuously evolve and support our ever-changing customer needs,” Carlisle added. “Our company is focused on continuous improvement and forward-looking vision to ensure that we are able to support the customers we have today as well as the future needs of industrial, renewable energy and infrastructure expansion in the U.S.”

Maxim Crane Works is No 5 on the RER 100.