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Mec Xtra Deck For Booms '21

Product of the Week: MEC’s Xtra-Deck now Available on Boom Lifts

Feb. 10, 2021
MEC Aerial Work Platforms presents its latest innovation, the Xtra-Deck onto boom lifts.

MEC Aerial Work Platforms presents its latest innovation, the Xtra-Deck onto boom lifts. MEC’s patent pending Xtra-Deck on its scissor lifts is a solution for the industry-wide problem of mobile elevating work platform operators standing on the mid-rails. The solution is available on all MEC boom lift platforms so operators can safely gain extra height into confined areas.

Standing on the mid-rail is a violation of the standards set forth in ANSI/SAIA A92.22-2020 Safe Use of MEWPs and ANSI/SAIA A92.24-2018 Training Requirements for Operators of MEWPs. Driven by a commitment to safe solutions, MEC’s patent pending Xtra-Deck provides an engineered solution that meets or exceeds the requirements of the new ANSI/SAIA A92.20-2020 standards for Design, Calculations, Safety Requirements and Test Methods for MEWPs.

Like the MEC XD Scissors, the Xtra-Deck on booms provides an additional 20 inches of height with three telescopic guardrails – so end users can reach those confines places but without standing on the midrails to do it. The featured guardrails on three sides of the Xtra-Deck slide up and lock into place, meeting regulation height. This additional protection enables the operator to freely use both hands to complete work tasks. Its narrow width allows access into tight work areas.

The Xtra-Deck can be quickly deployed and offers 250 pounds capacity for one person. When the operator completes his work, the Xtra-Deck can quickly be stowed and the guardrails can be retracted to their original position. The Xtra-Deck is available when needed and folds away when not. The Xtra-Deck on booms can be field-fitted to any MEC boom lift platform regardless of size.

Couple the MEC Xtra-Deck with the MEC 34-J micro boom design for construction jobs that are under 40 feet; therefore, allowing more accessibility in hard-to-reach confined spaces. It has powerful 4-wheel drive and positive traction with an oscillating front axle – a true rough terrain construction boom. The MEC 34-J micro boom is compact and lightweight at 8,600 pounds (3,900 kg) without compromising construction-grade durability.

Add the optional Proactive Platform Safety System (PPSS) to enhance obstruction awareness and mitigate overhead entrapment risk. The 34-J can be towed with a full-size truck, or three units fit on a flatbed truck for the lowest delivery cost. It also features a 72-inch platform including standard 3-sided entry with a swing gate. Like all MEC booms, the 34-J has ergonomic platform controls and is designed without a footswitch, giving the operator increased visibility and mobility in the platform.

MEC Aerial Work Platforms is based in Kerman, Calif.