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Ruthmann City Wide Delivery

Dallas Construction Firm Adds New Bluelift B85 Combo from Ruthmann Reachmaster

Dec. 23, 2020
Dallas-based City Wide Building Services has obtained a Ruthmann Reachmaster Bluelift B85 Combo.

Dallas-based City Wide Building Services has obtained a Ruthmann Reachmaster Bluelift B85 Combo. It will serve as an important tool for the company that specializes in access- and reach-challenging building services and maintenance tasks throughout central Texas.

“The B85 Combo is an excellent choice as it offers both the lithium battery power for indoor use combined with the reliable Honda engine for outdoor use,” said Ebbe Christensen, president of Ruthmann ReachMaster. “Equivalently important is the ultra-compact dimensions of the unit, which is about four feet shorter than any comparative unit, only 38 inches wide and 6 feet, 6 inches tall, making it possible to get the unit into spaces virtually no other lift with 85 feet of work height can match. They also added an additional single man basket to the lift which will allow them to get into very tight spaces.”

John Fennel from City Wide Building Services confirmed that the company already has jobs lined up for the new machine.

“We had originally hoped it would have arrived a little earlier, but we obviously understand that the COVID-19 has impacted production everywhere,” he said. “So, when we had confirmation the unit was in this morning, we went on the road for the four-hour drive while the Ruthmann Reachmaster guys performed their tests and PDI of the unit. That way we will have it out on its first job on Monday!”

Robert Parkerson, service manager at Ruthmann Reachmaster confirms that at particular this time of the year, there is a rush to get equipment out. “We actually had two containers arrive with lifts today from Italy this morning, and two units are already out the door here at the end of the day,” he said. “Yes, normally we have at least a few days to test and PDI units, but thanks to great efforts at the factory in Italy to catch up, we are trying to turn the units around as quickly as we can.”