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Oct. 1, 2007
Mustang Manufacturing The new Model 519 is a compact telehandler that offers 19 feet of lift height and 5,500 pounds of maximum lift capacity. A 64-hp

Mustang Manufacturing

The new Model 519 is a compact telehandler that offers 19 feet of lift height and 5,500 pounds of maximum lift capacity. A 64-hp Deutz diesel engine powers the 519, which has a two-speed hydraulic transmission for low-end power, while providing a quick transport speed up to 15 mph. To maximize maneuverability, the 519 features three steering modes — 2-wheel, 4-wheel and crab-steer.

Tri-State Tower, a Midwest telecommunications contractor, recently rented the Mustang 519 to help build a series of guy towers. “We previously used skid loaders for this type of job,” said Todd Hughes, director of business development. “The crew likes the increased lift capacity and extra height.”
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LDC Industries

UniLift trailer-mounted boomlifts feature working heights up to 42 feet, battery power, 360-degree effective coverage, and quick conversion for use as a universal crane. The new power jack setup option is designed for quick and easy outrigger setup. With unit weights less than 3,000 pounds, UniLifts are designed to tow comfortably behind a pick-up truck, and can be maneuvered in and out of tight workspaces.
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Elliot Equipment

Elliott Equipment Co. introduces two 26-ton capacity boomtrucks. Designated the 2695 (pictured) and 26105, the units feature a 26-ton capacity with 95 feet of powered main boom, giving it a 105-foot tip height; and 105-foot boom with 115-foot tip height, respectively. Another feature is the FrictionFree jib extension for easy jib deployment and stowage.
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Genie Industries

With a working height of 55 feet, 6 inches, and 29 feet, 2 inches of working outreach, the Genie TZ-50 boomlift is suitable for both large and small contractors. The TZ-50 features a 440-pound platform capacity throughout its entire working envelope. Its automatic self-leveling system provides 10 degrees of leveling capacity from the ground controls, and the machine can be set up to self-level to within 1 degree in all directions. It also features a level sensor alarm to alert the operator when the machine is 2½ degrees or more out of level.
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Custom Equipment

The HB-1030E aerial lift utilizes a stable lift mechanism. The load capacity of the HB-1030E is listed at 340 kg, and the machine has a 2-person work platform size of 64 cm × 152 cm. To provide additional workspace, the machine has a 76 cm slide-out deck extension. The machine utilizes a self-contained, single hose hydraulic system and has dual rear-wheel electric drive and electric steering.
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JLG Industries

JLG's Model 150HAX features one of the highest working heights, and longest outreach and up-and-over heights of almost any self-propelled articulating telescopic boomlift. It has a platform height of 150 feet with an up-and-over height of 79.9 feet, a horizontal outreach of 79.25 feet, and a restricted platform capacity of 1,000 pounds. Other standard features include 165-degree platform rotation and full-time four-wheel drive.

Larry Workman, owner of Lemont, Ill.-based Illini Hi-Reach, often has customers request the 150HAX by name. “We have utilized the 150HAX on many, many jobsites ranging from the rehab of historical buildings in Indiana, to state-of-the-art structures in downtown Chicago, to traditional 150HAX applications in refineries and steel mills.”
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The new HA 130 JRT is designed for every type of work at heights up to 134 feet. Features include continuous outreach and full proportional controls, a new platform load controller, 4-tilt alarm available in all positions, and hydraulic platform compensation. The HA 130 JRT also offers 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering with swinging, extendable axles.
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Volvo offers the VR-1056C telescopic forklift. This C-Series model is designed to provide operators ergonomic functionality, increased power and greater boom control. The VR-1056C features a 56-foot, two-inch lift height, and 41-foot, six-inch forward reach, and has the Volvo patented rear axle stabilization system. It allows operators to extend the boom to its fullest reach without stabilizer deployment, and it carries 6,000 pounds to 56 feet, two inches with stabilizers, and 4,000 pounds to the top without stabilizers.
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For construction contractors who need to pick up and place materials as high as three stories, they can now do so with the V638 VersaHandler telescopic tool carrier from Bobcat Co. The 6,700-pound maximum load capacity V638 features a three-stage boom with a maximum lift height of 38 feet, 11 inches.

John Boothby, president of Apple Construction, Gulfport, Miss., uses the Bobcat V638 VersaHandler TTC in his business of remodeling commercial buildings. “When driving the V638 down the road, I can look all around without the boom blocking my view to the right,” says Boothby. “Also, the controls are well thought out and operate as you would instinctively move your hand.”
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The AB85RJ articulated lift from Snorkel has a maximum horizontal reach of 62 feet. The upper boom articulates from -25 degrees to 75 degrees; the jib boom articulates 135 degrees and rotates at the end of the main boom by 140 degrees; platform rotation is 150 degrees. Standard features include 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steer.
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The SJ 40T and SJ 45T (pictured) boomlifts feature an analog-based control system, relay-based electrical system and axle-based 4-wheel-drive system. With no wheel motors or torque hubs, there are no hydraulic hoses left unprotected from jobsite hazards, and the number of potential hydraulic leak sites is reduced. The SJ 40T and SJ 45T also feature Skyjack's direction sensing controls, which ensure the boomlift will always drive and steer with respect to the operator rather than the orientation of the base.
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The MT 8044 telescopic handler lifts 7,000 pounds to its full lift height of 44 feet, and 8,000 pounds to 37 feet. It features a welded box-section-design boom. Increased operating capacities are achieved without the use of stabilizers or fluid-filled tires. For added stability, however, stabilizers are an optional feature. Other design features include a rugged frame with reinforced C-channels, internal wet-disc brakes for longer life and better stopping capability, and a negative parking brake system.
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The 36XT and the 45XA (pictured) self-propelled X-Booms feature hydraulic lift systems identical to the trailer-mounted Summit Series 3632T and 4527A, respectively. Patent-pending technology gives the X-Booms the leveling capability to allow users to set up and begin operating the machines in under 30 seconds.
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