Jan. 1, 2001
Bil-JaxThe Odyssey 34 telescopic lift features a 34-foot platform height and a working height of 40 feet. The portable unit features an aluminum mast


The Odyssey 34 telescopic lift features a 34-foot platform height and a working height of 40 feet. The portable unit features an aluminum mast section design and a new outrigger construction and can roll through a standard commercial doorway, according to Bil-Jax. www.biljax.com


The ECS-70 combines the platform size of a scissor lift with the maneuverability of a telescopic boom, Elliott Equipment says. The unit belongs to the company's SkyWalk line of aerial equipment and features a 75-foot working height, a 70-foot working side reach, a 12-foot-long work platform, a 9,000-pound crane capacity and 180-degree platform rotation. www.elliottequip.com

Sky Climber

The MKD Dual work platform features an end stirrup that can receive panels from different Sky Climber products. According to the manufacturer, MKD Dual platforms increase the surface working area by nearly 30 inches and comply with OSHA requirements when used in projects 12 inches or less from the face of the work area. www.skyclimber.com

Time Condor

Models T80 and T86J (pictured) self-propelled telescopic platforms from Time Condor feature a 60-by-36-inch platform, a General Motors 80-horsepower water-cooled gas engine, 360-degree continuous turret rotation and a platform capacity of 500 pounds. The pictured unit has a working height of 92 feet, an overall width of 8 feet, 2 inches and a gross weight of 32,600 pounds. www.timecondor.com


Built to stretch up and over hard-to-access job sites, the Eagle T-50 from AmeriQuip offers 50 feet of working height and 25 feet of side reach. It has a lifting hook capacity of 400 pounds and a basket capacity of 300 pounds. The unit is designed to be mounted on a 15,000-pound gross vehicle weight truck. The T-50 features 360-degree continuous rotation, proportional controls, automatic bucket leveling and hydraulic stabilizers. 800/824-9776


New options on the TMZ-34/19 trailer-mounted boom include Genie's hydraulic leveling system, a manual rotating platform mechanism, an improved retractable axle design, trailer brakes and integrated forklift pockets. The platform height measures 34 feet, and the range of jib motion is 130 degrees. www.genielift.com

Mobile Tool International

The MTI V50CH offers boom lifting capacities up to 2,250 pounds, platform capacities to 700 pounds and working heights up to 60 feet. The unit incorporates a rectangular stacked boom design for added strength and platform rotation for increased versatility, according to MTI. 303/427-3700

Grove Manlift

The A60J is a 60-foot articulated unit that features the Rapid Rise main boom design, which allows the platform to be lowered from full height to the ground with the riser fully elevated, according to Grove Manlift. Other features include an outreach of 40 feet, an up-and-over height of 25 feet, 140 degrees of articulating jib, four-wheel drive with travel speeds up to 4 mph and four-wheel steer with an inside turning radius of 6 feet, 6 inches. The unit is powered by an 85-horsepower Cummins diesel or a 60-horsepower Ford dual-fuel engine. www.groveworldwide.com


The 3226, a new addition to the SJIII Series of aerial work platforms from Skyjack, is 32 inches wide with a working height of 32 feet. The battery-powered unit is driveable at full height and features a hinged railing to allow for passage through standard-size doorways when lowered. All SJIII Series units come with a 3-foot rollout deck extension, proportional drive and lift controls, a DC power source and 6-foot toe boards. www.skyjackinc.com


The MEC 3768ES can lift up to three workers 43 feet, Mayville Engineering says. Powered by a 48-volt battery system, the slab-type scissor lift can be driven at full height using a proportional control system. Features include a lift capacity of 750 pounds; a rollout deck that extends the platform size to 5-by-13 feet; Mayville's single-beam elevating system, which delivers minimum sway and increased rigidity; and an automatic pothole protection system. The unit is 68 inches wide and has a stowed height of 72 inches with the guardrails folded down. www.mayvl.com


UpRight recently expanded its XRT scissor lift line with two electric models, the XRT27 and XRT33. Both units feature 48-volt electrical systems, rear-wheel drive and platforms that measure 4 feet, 10 inches wide by 10 feet, 11 inches long with the rollout deck fully extended. The XRT27 has a working height of 33 feet, a platform capacity of 1,250 pounds and 40 percent gradeability. The XRT33 has a working height of 39 feet, a platform capacity of 1,000 pounds and a gradeability rating of 35 percent. www.upright.com

Bronto Skylift

The SI-178HDT insulated aerial work platform from Bronto Skylift is a truck-mounted unit with a working height of 178 feet and a 71-foot horizontal reach. Features include self-leveling outriggers, 360 degrees of continuous turntable rotation, a proportional control system and a 1,000-pound platform capacity. 352/895-1109


The Snorkel 12/34J towable boom has a working height of more than 40 feet and a platform capacity of 440 pounds. The platform moves parallel to the work surface while the boom is raised to a maximum of 20 feet. Other features include a tow bar and hydraulic disc brakes with a parking brake. www.snorkelusa.com


The 600SC series of crawler boom lifts can traverse surfaces such as deep mud, fine sand and soft snow, according to JLG. The tracks measure 19.6 inches wide by 140 inches long to create ground-bearing pressure of only 5.45 pounds per square inch. Model 660SJC (pictured) has a platform height of 66 feet with a horizontal outreach of 56 feet, 9 inches. Each unit is designed for maneuvering in any direction from the platform even while the boom is elevated. www.jlg.com


The Bert-Lift 13/C features a platform height of 37 feet, a working height of 42 feet and a horizontal reach of more than 16 feet. Features include a 300-pound platform capacity, two outriggers and continuous rotation. When stowed, the unit measures 9.38 feet high. www.hidrogrubert.com

Beta Max

The Max Climber 2000 rack-and-pinion hoisting system can lift 2,000 pounds up to 400 feet, Beta Max Hoists says. The unit features individual 5-foot mast sections and can be tied into the building exterior or to a scaffold tower. Lifting speed is 75 feet per minute. www.betamaxhoist.com


Tesco's AL-15 is a self-contained, self-powered aerial and maintenance high-lift work platform designed for a three-quarter-ton pickup. The unit features a 550-pound lift capacity, a 22-foot working height, a 5-by-8-foot platform with a 4-inch kick plate, 42-inch handrails and upper and lower controls. Tesco high-lifts are available in 14 models.



Designed for Genie aerial work platforms, the tracking system from Loegering increases traction and flotation in adverse conditions. The track, combined with a wheel-and-idler system, maximizes the productivity of Genie units, according to the manufacturer. www.loegering.com