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Genie Expands Electric/Hybrid Options with S-60 Telescopic Boom

Oct. 12, 2022
Responding to increasing jobsite regulations and environmental needs, Genie is expanding its boom offerings to include a hybrid telescopic boom, and a lightweight, electric, telescopic boom lift in the 65-foot (20 m) height class.

Responding to increasing jobsite regulations and environmental needs, Genie is expanding its boom offerings to include a hybrid telescopic boom, and a lightweight, electric, telescopic boom lift in the 65-foot (20 m) height class. With a 20.6 m (67 feet 2 inch) working height and an 18.6 m (61 foot 2 inch) platform height, the Genie S-60 DC and S-60 FE boom lifts build on the success of Genie’s 100-percent electric DC and hybrid FE technology to deliver quiet jobsite performance in a versatile machine that requires less maintenance and delivers a lower total cost of ownership.

“Modern jobsites demand rugged, reliable, high-performance equipment that is also quiet, clean, efficient,” said Corrado Gentile, Genie product manager for the EMEARI region. “The new Genie S-60 DC and S-60 FE telescopic boom lifts meet those needs with a versatile boom that has a best-in-class jib length and delivers the quality, reliability and lower total cost of ownership that equipment owners are looking for.”

Increased Utilization and ROIC

There is an increasing demand on large jobsites for clean, quiet, versatile equipment that can work indoors and outdoors, including on rough terrain. The DC and FE versions of Genie’s S-60 telescopic boom solve this problem with a machine that can operate in rough terrain and has clean emissions.

Both the S-60 DC and the S-60 FE can be used indoors and outdoors, and can deliver a full day of 100-percent electric, four-wheel drive performance on a single battery charge. With Genie’s “no compromises” hybrid technology, the S-60 FE can also work an entire week on a single tank of fuel. The FE boom’s intelligent control system keeps the batteries charged and machine ready to work by using both regenerative braking technology and automatic engine start and stop. By charging the batteries while the boom works, the S-60 FE can help jobsites eliminate downtime caused by plug-in charging.

“This is a boom lift that rental companies can make money with because it solves multiple end user needs with a single machine, contributing to a 10-percent higher utilization rate,” Gentile said.

The S-60 DC model offers a low weight of 7,983 kg (17,600 pounds) and quiet operation for end users looking for a powerful, all-electric boom. The FE version weighs 8,051 kg (17,750 pounds), just slightly more than the DC version, making either boom available for applications where floor loading must be managed.

At the same time, high-efficiency AC drive motors on all four wheels provide similar torque as hydraulic drive motors while using 30-40 percent less energy. Four-wheel drive plus electronic traction management and active oscillating axles enable 6.44 km/h (4 mph) drive speed and 45-percent gradeability in rough terrain.

“That flexibility means the S-60 DC or S-60 FE can be the first machine on the job, working through to project completion,” Gentile said. “And, because the S-60 DC and S-60 FE save time and money on the jobsite, end users benefit from cost savings while equipment owners can also realize increased returns on their equipment investment.”

Reduced maintenance improves cost of ownership

A  DPF-free Stage V engine eliminates the need for after-treatment or low-sulphur fuel, reducing the time and expense of maintenance and repairs while offering instant performance.

“It takes just seconds to start the engine, delivering instant power and torque when needed,” Gentile said, adding, “And, because the S-60 DC and S-60 FE have 70-percent fewer hydraulic components in the drive chassis than comparable booms in the market using hydraulic systems, maintenance costs are reduced by 10 percent, and less time is spent servicing equipment in the field.”

Key Specifications

Key specifications of the S-60 DC/FE include maximum platform height of 18.6 m (61 feet 2 inches), maximum working height of 20.6 m (67 feet 2 inches) and a maximum outreach of 12.3 m (40 feet 6 inches). Unrestricted platform capacity of 300 kg (660 pounds) on a 1.83 m (6 feet) jib delivers a 130-degree working range.

A wide range of options and accessories increase the versatility of the S-60 DC or FE for rental applications. The boom lift can be configured with either of two platform configurations. A 2.44 m (8 feet) three-entry with side swing gate is standard, while a 1.83 m (6 feet) dual entry with side swing gate is optional. Genie Lift Guard half and full mesh platform panels, air line and power to platform, work lights, and other accessories are available. In addition, hostile environment kits or cold weather packages are useful for specific applications.

The new S-60 DC and S-60 FE models are the most recent machines to join Genie’s electrified line-up. Around 70 percent of Genie’s product line-up uses all-electric or hybrid technology — a number that is likely to continue to grow.