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Little Beaver's Mechanical Earth Drill

Little Beaver Mechanical Earth Drills Work for One-Man Hole-Digging

Aug. 24, 2021
The augers offer a small footprint for easy access in any area and can be used on lawns, golf course greens and other delicate surfaces without causing damage.

Posted by Brooke Just

Little Beaver’s Mechanical Earth Drills offer a safe and productive solution for one-man hole digging applications. The units feature a 360-rpm operating speed and work for a variety of industries, including rental centers, fence and sign installers, landscape and building contractors, and parks and recreation departments.

The Mechanical Earth Drill is available with either a 5.5- or 8-horsepower engine and is mounted on 8- or 10-inch semi-pneumatic tires, respectively. Both versions offer a small footprint for easy access in any area and can be used on lawns, golf course greens and other delicate surfaces without causing damage. 

The mechanical drills feature a steel torque tube that allows operators to use large diameter augers without fear of dangerous kickback. In addition to increasing operator safety, the torque tube provides easier drilling, reducing operator effort and fatigue. To enhance operator safety further, all models feature a centrifugal clutch. If the drill encounters a buried object or the auger is overloaded, the clutch automatically slips to protect the operator from serious injury and the drive cable and transmission gears from damage.

High-quality features that reduce maintenance and extend life include heavy-duty transmissions with cooling fins for quick heat dissipation and improved longevity. Furthermore, the company powder coats all steel features to enhance strength and durability.

A universal auger, standard with Little Beaver mechanical earth drills, makes it easy to change out tips for specific surface types. A hard-faced tip, suitable for typical lawn and garden dirt and sandy loam-type soils, also is standard. The optional heavy-duty rock tip works well in rocky soils. For tougher surfaces, including hard clay, asphalt and frozen ground, operators should choose the optional carbide-blade tip. Little Beaver also offers easy-to-change, snap-on augers in 36- and 42-inch lengths and diameters ranging from 1.5- to 16-inches. Snap-on auger extensions are also available.

Many optional features allow end-users to customize their drills further. For example, 10-inch pneumatic wheels, which are standard on the MDL-8B and MDL-8H, are an option on the MDL-5B and MDL-5H units. To protect the engine, steel roll cages are available for all models. Another option, a specially designed rick-sha carrier, features large, 20-inch semi-pneumatic wheels, a convenient pull handle and transmission cradle for enhanced mobility.

Each mechanical drill is backed by a one-year warranty, with the engine covered by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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