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RER Webinar Covers Hurricane Prep as Season Begins

Hurricane season is about to begin and according to the predictions of meteorologists, 2019 promises to be a “normal” hurricane season.

Hurricane season is about to begin and according to the predictions of meteorologists, 2019 promises to be a “normal” hurricane season, about the same as last year, which brought us Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Michael, 15 named storms, billions of dollars in damages and more than 170 deaths. The season officially begins June 1 but already there is a major named storm brewing over the Atlantic (Andrea). Scientists say global warming makes hurricanes more deadly, partly because warmer air can hold more water.

The concept of hurricane-prone zones has clearly expanded in recent years. Most hurricane hit landfall in the United States along the Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida and up the coast to the Carolinas. However, in recent years hurricanes have done significant damage farther north to New York and even New England and farther west to Ohio and Indiana.

Hurricanes are major events in the rental industry, and companies doing business in hurricane-prone areas need to be prepared. Rental companies face the possibility of significant damage to their facilities, to their equipment, and danger to their employees. Hurricanes can be tough on a rental business because their customers face the possibility of being unable to do business for periods of time. However, they can also bring major opportunities to provide equipment and assistance to customers before, during and after the storm: a wide range of equipment, particularly power generation equipment, pumps, earthmoving equipment, chain saws and more.

For power generation specialists particularly, the time to prepare for a hurricane is well in advance. Their customers should have plans for the possibility of a significant power outage caused by a hurricane. All rental companies need to have disaster plans for their customers as well as for their own companies. Manufacturers of equipment should also be well prepared in advance to provide for their customers in times of extraordinary need.

RER’s webinar, March 29 at 2 p.m. EST, will take a look at what rental companies, equipment distributors, and manufacturers can do to be prepared for hurricane season, which is, essentially, beginning now. The webinar, entitled “Hurricanes: Preparing for the Mean Season” will cover such topics as will cover such topics as:

  • How to inspire customers to be prepared for hurricanes with an emergency power generation or an emergency dewatering plan
  • How should manufacturers, distributors and rental companies prepare for hurricane season, in terms of their own facilities and preparing to meet the needs of customers
  • What information do rental companies need from customers to help them prepare for emergencies   

Panelists will include: Steve Ferlita, Power Systems VP, Ring Power Corp.; Mike Delzingaro, vice president of sales, Xylem Dewatering Solutions; Tony Crandall, sales manager power and construction equipment, Buckeye Power Sales; and David Streiff, vice president mobile sales, Generac Mobile.

To register for the free webinar, go to:

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