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Product of the Week - Felling Trailers FT-12 EZ-T tilt trailer

Product of the Week - Felling Trailers FT-12 EZ-T tilt trailer

Felling Trailers, Inc., debuted their EZ Tilt Technology with the FT-12 EZ-T tilt trailer earlier this year. EZ Tilt Technology allows for ground level loading with its rotating torsion suspension, providing a 5-degree load angle. This low load angle makes it possible to load and unload low clearance equipment such as floor sweepers, scissor lifts, and rollers.

The Felling Engineering team worked closely with Lippert Components Inc., which designed the axle and suspension system.

EZ Tilt Standard Specifications:

• Deck Length – 18.5-foot tilt deck length, including 3.5-foot approach plate at the rear of the deck

• Electric/Hydraulic Lift System – Electric/hydraulic pump with corded remote and 12-volt battery in a lockable enclosure

• Axles/Suspension – (2) 7K-drop axles with rotating torsion suspension

• Approx Deck Height/Load Angle – 20.5 inches unloaded deck height, 5-degree load angle

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