Kobelco Breaks Ground on Texas Headquarters Building

Kobelco Breaks Ground on Texas Headquarters Building

Kobelco Construction Machinery USA has broken ground on its corporate headquarters in Katy, Texas, the company said. The company’s LEED-certified, 101,300-square-foot headquarters will be situated on more than seven acres. Kobelco will have room to add subsequent buildings as the company grows.

The building space will include an 87,991-square-foot parts warehouse for a 40,000-plus line-item parts inventory.

Kobelco chose the Katy location because of it being situated in the central time zone and proximity to three major airports in nearby Houston. Houston’s multi-access shipping system will allow the company to receive all shipments from overseas at local ports and ship products to dealers via rail, freight or air, as required.

“Parts and service is such an integral piece of our business,” said Eric Hoffman, parts manager for Kobelco. “Customers demand the best and quickest service possible so we are setting up our entire facility to ensure that we can react quickly to customer requests. One of our core company values is development of personable business relationships that are built on trust.”

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