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A Curry Supply dump truck Photo by Curry Supply Co.
A Curry Supply dump truck.

Curry Supply Joins Caterpillar Allied Vendor Program

Curry supply has joined the Caterpillar Allied Vendor Program for 2018, offering a full product line of commercial service vehicles to Cat dealers and clients in the United States and Canada. Curry Supply was selected based on many attributes that allow them to provide maximum value to Cat Rental Stores and enhance their product offering for its customers, the company said.

A major factor for the partnership came from Curry Supply’s complete line of commercial fleet vehicles. The product range offers a one-stop shop and extensive parts distribution, field service and can provide a valuable partnership to Caterpillar’s rental segment.

“I’m excited about this program and the partnership with Cat Rental Stores,” said Jason Ritchey, president of Curry Supply Co. “We will continue to follow our core values and provide these dealers and their customers with the best quality and service to assure a long-lasting and valuable relationship with Cat.”

Many of Curry Supply’s commercial vehicles are required on jobsites and through the duration of a project. Curry Supply’s OEM replacement parts inventory is supplied strategically throughout the United States for quick shipment to guarantee minimal downtime. Manufacturing facilities and distribution locations in Pennsylvania, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Iowa and Ohio provide proximity to any drop point.

Before joining the program, Curry supply already had long-standing relationships with many Caterpillar dealers in the U.S.

“Cat has always been a great customer, purchasing multiple lines of products from Curry Supply,” said Marc LaBorde, national rental account manager. “We have also been a good partner to them by providing support during and after the sale.”

Based in Martinsburg, Pa., Curry Supply Co. is a family-owned business founded in 1932.

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