SmartEquip Partners With Remote Monitoring Specialist MasterTrak

Norwalk, Conn. — MasterTrak, a Wood Dale, Ill.-based provider of advanced telematics solutions for monitoring equipment location, health and utilization in real time, has joined the SmartEquip network.

MasterTrak is an asset management tool that communicates directly with the engine and any other critical data points that provide business value, creating a means for owners to monitor faults and alerts in real time to proactively resolve equipment problems and reduce costly unexpected failures. SmartEquip provides an aftermarket support platform used by major fleet owners and industry suppliers that will combine MasterTrak fault data with OEM-provided recommended actions for that fault, automatically creating a corrective or preventive maintenance work order in the owner's fleet management system without extensive human intervention.

The result is designed to deliver significant cost savings and utilization improvements through the entire equipment lifecycle, impacting equipment reliability and managing total cost of ownership.

“This alliance helps accelerate our drive towards a cradle-to-grave connection between the equipment, manufacturer maintenance and support, and fleet management system to drive up utilization and drive down total cost of ownership,” said SmartEquip CEO Alex Schuessler. “MasterTrak's industry approach is truly visionary.”

SmartEquip is based in Norwalk, Conn.

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