Offshore Air Compressors Join Prime Energy's Rental Fleet

LA PORTE, Texas — Prime Energy recently added Atlas Copco's PNS1250 offshore oil-free air compressor to its diverse fleet of rental air compressors.

The compressor offers several features for offshore applications, including a rugged shipping frame, stainless steel, marine aluminum and salt-water resistant epoxy coating to prevent corrosion. In addition, the wiring is terminated with special connections, boots and non-conductive sprays to provide dependable and extended service life. The compressor's environmentally friendly, oil-free design offers the best air quality and eliminates the risk of unwanted oil contamination.

“The proven design of the Atlas Copco PNS1250 compressor and the latest Tier III diesel engine combine to create a reliable and productive machine,” said Andy Squitieri, product manager for Prime Energy, a company within the Atlas Copco Group. “The oil-free design reduces cost by eliminating the need for dryer vents that would normally absorb oil.”

Prime Energy added the compressor to its fleet in order to accommodate customers, the company said.

“To become and remain the premiere provider of oil-free air solutions, Prime Energy is extending its opportunities to our customers in the offshore business,” said Horst Wasel, vice president for Prime Energy. “We are offering a new, more efficient and more environmentally friendly range of high-pressure, oil-free air compressors, designed for both offshore and onshore applications.”

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