Manufacturers Cutting Work Forces as Slowdown Deepens

The economic slowdown is affecting manufacturers, several of which recently announced personnel layoffs. Aerial manufacturer JLG Industries plans to lay off about 600 people, representing about 13 percent of the company’s workforce. JLG employees from the company’s Bedford, McConnellsburg and Shippensburg, Pa., facilities will lose jobs, as will JLG staff in North Dakota, France and Belgium. JLG plans to reduce production in response to a reduced order load, but does not intend to close any facilities.

United Kingdom-based earthmoving manufacturer JCB has announced about 500 layoffs in the U.K. in response to the downturn in the building industry. The company has cut production about 20 percent. In recent years, JCB increased its headcount from 6,300 to about 9,000, with more than 72,000 units sold last year. However, current market downturns have led to a decline in orders, the company said.

Terex Aerial Work Platforms, which includes Genie Industries, recently eliminated most temporary positions and approximately 120 positions from its full-time workforce.

“This will enable the company to accomplish the work most essential to meet current market demands, while maintaining its ability to support future growth and opportunities,” said Terex spokeswoman Melinda Zimmerman-Smith.

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