Ritchie Bros. Given LEED Gold Certification for B.C. Headquarters

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers has received LEED Gold certification of its international headquarters in Burnaby, B.C., Canada. The 164,000-square-foot commercial office is home to more than 400 employees, a corporate child-care center, a fitness facility and café. The office was certified by the Canada Green Building Council under the New Construction category. The office opened in 2009.

Some of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design features include:

  • Lighting: 75-percent of work spaces receive natural daylight and 90 percent have views of the outside;
  • Air quality: Copy and janitor rooms have dedicated exhaust systems; carbon dioxide monitors are located throughout the building; carpet, tile and furniture have little to no off gassing;
  • Recycled and used materials: 75 percent of construction waste was recycled or reused;
  • Energy savings: Automatic lighting for interior and exterior to reduce light pollution and save energy; roof built with reflective materials to reduce interior heat, creating less need for air conditioning;
  • Water use: high-efficiency plumbing fixtures and exterior irrigation system; native drought-resistant plants reduce quantity of watering required.

“This is a very important achievement for Ritchie Bros. as it showcases our dedication to our employees and the environment around us,” said Ritchie Bros. CEO Peter Blake.

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