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Atlas Copco Commits to “Sustainable Productivity”

To effectively communicate its efforts to ensure reliable, lasting results with the responsible use of human, natural and capital resources, Atlas Copco last week launched a new brand promise — Committed to Sustainable Productivity. This new brand promise encompasses all Atlas Copco divisions and is effective immediately.

“With the new brand promise we can communicate that in addition to our ability to innovate for superior productivity, we are a very responsible company,” said Annika Berglund, senior vice president – corporate communications. “Sustainability — thinking about what will last — has always been a part of our product innovation, customer service, diversity, safety and environmental concerns.”

For Atlas Copco, the concept of sustainable productivity includes more than just environmental issues. It refers to an entire set of corporate values that embraces a long-term view of commitment, interaction and innovation that improves product quality and productivity, while simultaneously benefiting Atlas Copco customers and the global community at large.

“In today’s corporate world, we as a company need to be open about what we stand for in order to attract the best people and assure our customers that we are a trustworthy business partner,” said Ronnie Leten, Atlas Copco president and CEO. To that end, Atlas Copco’s commitment to sustainable productivity includes:

• Reducing the impact of production on the environment;
• Promoting diversity amongst employees and management;
• Improving energy efficiency and reducing the cost of ownership;
• Supporting suppliers in implementing best practices;
• Having the most reliable products and services;
• Ensuring a consistently high competence level;
• Boosting health and productivity through better ergonomics;
• Focusing on health and safety in the workplace;
• Offering services that secure maximum availability;
• Innovating for continuous product development; and
• Acting for a better society around us.

“Our customers need to know that they will be productive not just today or tomorrow, but even years from now,” said Leten. “We always strive to provide the highest possible productivity, but we believe doing so at the expense of certain values would ultimately damage both Atlas Copco and our customers. Our culture is what makes us stand out among competitors, and this new brand promise will reflect that.”

Headquartered in Commerce City, Colo., Atlas Copco Construction Mining Technique USA is responsible for the sales, aftersales service and rental of equipment for surface and underground rock excavation, exploration drilling, rock reinforcement, ground engineering, water well, oil and gas drilling.

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