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The Worthy Opponents

RER presents the 2011 Innovative Product Award honorable mentions.

Consider the scope of just some of the innovations and inventions of the 20th century — electrification, automobiles, air conditioning and refrigeration, telecommunication, computers, space flight, and radio and television. New products created from these technologies have changed the way human beings around the world live their lives. It is impossible to choose one of the aforementioned innovations as the standout, much less one product developed from them. The 2011 RER Innovative Product Award competition posed a similar challenge for its panel of judges. With entries in a wide variety of different product categories, comparisons were not always easy.

The 2011 competition was noteworthy for its creativity, its inspired response to customer need, its answers to changing industry trends such as efficiency and the environment, and the continued evolution of technology. Although the following products did not win awards, they were all contenders that made the judges' decisions difficult.

Honorable Mentions

Category: Computer software

Alert Mobile Reports
Alert Management Systems, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Introduced: Feb. 4, 2011

Key innovation: Automatic status reports delivered in real time to mobile devices.

Alert Management Systems introduces Alert Mobile Reports designed to deliver automatic status reports and other information in real time to the mobile devices of clients and field staff. Mobile Reports can be individualized by company or individual jobsite, or by staff person. Designed as simple e-mail attachments in a variety of user-defined formats, Mobile Reports are ‘content-rich,’ meaning they can be any length and can even include links to photos and multi-media. Employing the latest web technology, Alert Mobile Reports are interactive, meaning they can include hyperlinks to securely pull the most current report values or drill-down to more details, such as real-time availability of rental equipment and more. In addition, Alert Mobile Reports do not require user licensing or apps for delivery or viewing. They can be distributed freely to anyone who needs them, without the need to directly access rental management software.

“Alert Mobile Reports provide a whole new vehicle for securing the loyalty of frequent renters, increasing field staff productivity, and meeting a myriad of other objectives,” says Rob Ross, Alert president. “With the adoption of new smartphones and tablets, we felt we should provide a more ‘life-like’ user experience (compared to SMS or text-based messaging alternatives), so it will only get richer and deeper with every new mobile product from Apple, Google and others.”
Reader Service No.

Category: Earthmoving equipment

Kubota SVL75-SVL90 Compact Track Loader with enclosed cab
Kubota Tractor Corp., Sacramento, Calif.

Introduced: March 2011

Key innovation: Kubota Tractor Corp. enters the compact track loader market with the new SVL75 and SVL90 both available with enclosed cab.

Offering best-in-class bucket breakout force and exceptional lifting capacity, according to the maker, Kubota's SVL75 and SVL90 compact track loaders with new enclosed cabs are built to ensure operator comfort during the heat of summer or chill of winter. The roomy operator area features a high-back, fully adjustable suspension seat and ample leg room, while a hand-and-foot throttle ensures convenience.

Additionally, the optional cab models include heating and air conditioning for increased comfort in extreme weather conditions. Both models are equipped with two-speed travel and high ground clearance for optimal travel performance on rough construction site terrain.
Reader Service No.

Terex TLB840 Backhoe Loader
Terex Corp. Westport, Conn.

Introduced: Jan. 10, 2011

Key innovation: Curved boom design that offers operators greater clearance to reach over obstacles and load closer into trucks.

Engineered to excel in digging, reaching, lifting and loading applications, the new Terex TLB840 backhoe loader is built for work for the operator. Boasting an 87-hp, Tier-4 Perkins engine, the TLB840 is powered by a servo power syncro transmission with automatic shifting, delivering fuel efficiency and high tractive effort. With a new curved boom design, the TLB840 offers operators greater clearance to reach over obstacles and the ability to load closer into trucks for greater productivity.

With a dig depth to 17 feet, 8 inches and a reach up to 22 feet, the Terex TLB840 is designed with a new slew system that provides high torque for easier backfilling and slewing uphill. The “deep dig” dipper stick is new on the TLB840, enabling operators to clamp objects and materials between the bucket and dipper with ease. For high-productivity trenching, this new backhoe loader offers 7,958-foot-pound dipper and 13,938-foot-pound bucket digging forces.

With a loading height of 11 feet, 3 inches, the Terex TLB840 can easily load high-sided trucks, and with a 10,485-foot-pound bucket breakout force, a loader lift capacity of 7,604 foot-pounds and bucket capacity of 1.32 cubic yards, this backhoe loader offers high-capacity production. With “return to dig” selectable at the press of a button, the TLB840 has reduced cycle times and quick loading capability.

The ergonomic design of the TLB840 cab is built for closer interaction between the operator and the machine, increasing productivity and rate of return. Operators can choose from one of three control pattern options to suit their individual preference — SAE, ISO mechanical controls. Excavator-style pilot controls are optional on the TLB840.
Reader Service No.

Terex Skid-Steer Loader Line
Terex Corp., Westport, Conn.

Introduced: Jan. 10, 2011

Key innovation: Terex skid-steer loaders are engineered with a high ground clearance and a high travel speed.

Terex introduces its new line of skid-steer loaders — vertical lift path and radius lift path — to complement its line of compact equipment. Terex skid-steer loaders are designed to deliver outstanding productivity and value with features such as high ground clearances and rear angles of departure, high travel speeds and fuel capacities, strong axle torque and mechanical-faced axle seals are just some of the key features that will keep these loaders producing, while keeping ownership costs low.

Terex skid-steer loaders offer some of the best ground clearances and rear angles of departure — 10.5-inch ground clearance and 26-degree rear angle of departure on medium-frame loaders (TSR50/60 and TSV50/60) and 29 degrees on large-frame loaders (TSR70/80 and TSV 70/80) — allowing operators to work in more adverse ground conditions and to climb steeper grades, their maker says.

Built to deliver robust power and productivity in any application, Terex offers ample axle torque on all its skid-steer loader models. High-axle torque enables Terex skid-steer operators to push material, dig, grade and drive through the toughest conditions. Terex skid-steer loader arms are designed to carry over-the-tire steel tracks more efficiently, giving operators more versatility in a variety of operating environments.

Terex skid-steer loaders are specifically designed to get loading, picking and carrying, grading, back dragging or snow removal jobs done faster and more efficiently. For quick cycle times and high productivity, the optional two-speed transmission propels Terex loaders to the fastest top speeds in their class. Terex skid-steer loaders also offer some of the highest fuel capacities in the industry, with 25-gallon fuel tanks in the medium-frame loaders and 30-gallon fuel tanks in the large-frame models, that translates into longer operating times between refueling.
Reader Service No.

C-Series Skid Steer Loaders
Volvo Construction Equipment, Asheville, N.C.

Introduced: March 22, 2011

Key innovation: A unique single loader arm design for new Volvo skid-steer loaders engineered to deliver superior loading performance and durability with enhanced visibility, safety and the cab access of a side-entry machine.

Volvo Construction Equipment unveils the first models in its C-Series skid-steer loader line. New skid-steer loader models are the MC110C, MC115C and MC135C. Rated operating capacities for these models range from 2,250 to 3,012 pounds and gross engine power from 84 to 92 hp.

Featuring a unique single loader arm design, Volvo skid-steer loaders deliver superior loading performance and durability found in a traditional skid-steer design, along with the improved visibility, safety and enhanced cab access of a side-entry machine.

Due to the single loader tower arm design, cab access is easier and safer. Operators enter and exit the cab through a large, wide-opening side cab door, eliminating the need for operators to climb onto and over the bucket or attachment, which many times can be muddy, wet or slippery. A bolt-on non-slip step under the door increases safe entry and exit of the cab. Side entry also eliminates an uncomfortable body turn required of operators to sit down in traditional skid-steer loader cab designs.

Inside the Volvo cab, the operator's environment assures comfort and ease of use. The cab meets ROPS/FOPS standards for safety and operator peace of mind. All controls and gauges are ergonomically placed to provide ease of use and comfort for prolonged productivity.

Excellent vertical lift makes the Volvo C-Series well suited for truck loading and a wide range of material handling applications. Each model features good tip height and reach, along with powerful lift capacity — making Volvo skid-steer loaders highly efficient in repeated load and carry operations. Powerful Tier 3 engines deliver proven power and dependability.

Another feature of the new Volvo C-Series is improved service access through a forward-tilting cab and large rear compartment service door. All service and maintenance points are accessible through simple, safe means.
Reader Service No.

Category: Lifts

RT69 Scissor Series
Genie, Redmond, Wash.

Introduced: Feb. 28, 2011

Key innovation: The GS-4069 RT is the world's first 40-foot full drive-height rough-terrain scissorlift in its class, providing greater uptime. The GS-2669 RT, and GS-3369 RT also have this feature.

Genie recently introduced a series of 69-inch-wide rough-terrain scissorlifts (GS-2669 RT, GS-3369 RT and GS-4069 RT). A significant redesign of the 68-inch scissor family, the new Genie rough-terrain scissorlifts offer an upgraded industrial design with better overall performance. The entire RT69 family has been enhanced with 30-percent more horsepower, increased platform work space and improved jobsite performance.

The key innovation of this product family is the new design that enables all three models to drive and function at full height. The new GS-4069 is the world's first 40-foot full drive-height rough-terrain scissorlift in its class providing end user uptime while on the jobsite, the maker says. The 26-foot and 33-foot models are also equipped with the full drive-height feature.

An increased platform work space of 13 percent gives end users more room to get jobs done more efficiently. Lifting capacity on the GS-2669 RT has increased 20 percent, from 1,250 to 1,500 pounds. The GS-3369 RT has a lifting capacity of 1,000 pounds, and the GS-4069 RT has a lifting capacity of 800 pounds.

The RT69 scissors now offer a standard front active-oscillating axle to keep all four wheels on the ground during operation, providing the end user with more machine control and power when climbing hills and jobsite obstacles. Up to a 30-percent increase in horsepower from dual fuel engines enables the machines to drive through sand, snow, mud and uneven terrain with ease. Wheel drives and high-efficiency piston motors were added to get more torque to the rear wheels, providing jobsite performance similar to the large Genie boom products. Full swing-out doors provide easier service access to electronics, manifolds, hydraulics and the engine.
Reader Service No.

340AJ Boomlift
JLG Industries, McConnellsburg, Pa.

Introduced: Jan. 17, 2011

Key innovation: The 340AJ has a low gross vehicle weight of 9,700 pounds, meets sustainability regulations with a Tier 4 diesel engine, and has a 34-foot lift height and 17 feet of up-and-over reach.

The 340AJ boomlift is designed to be easy to service and maintain. It features steel hoods to increase its durability, and boasts a 500-pound capacity in addition to its 34-foot lift height, 20 feet of horizontal reach and a 17-foot up-and-over reach. The 340AJ meets sustainability regulations with its environmentally friendly Tier 4 diesel engine. A gas/liquid propane engine is also available. The low cost of ownership and acquisition cost, coupled with its reach and terrainability, make the 340AJ well suited for general contractors, steel erectors, painters, commercial construction workers, and many others.
Reader Service No.

Category: Light towers

Night-Lite PRO II V-Series
Allmand Bros., Holdrege, Neb.

Introduced: February 2011

Key innovation: Molded poly gull-wing-style doors are impact resistant, rust-proof and offer access to all major service components in enclosure. Tower power cable is encased in Nycoil flexible tubing, eliminating tangling and stretching while protecting from cuts and abrasions.

Allmand Bros. introduces the Night-Lite PRO II, the latest addition to its line of Night-Lite PRO light towers. Available in both V-Series (vertical only) and traditional “lay down” tower models, the Night-Lite PRO II offers updated features to enhance operation and serviceability.

New molded poly gull-wing-style doors are impact-resistant, rust-proof, and offer full access to all major service components in the enclosure.

Further adding to the PRO II's serviceability features, the newly designed plug-in light ballast assemblies are fully accessible with the doors open and easily removed for service. The ballasts feature replaceable components to significantly reduce repair costs when compared to one-piece “potted” ballasts.

A new four-point stabilizer system provides stability in adverse weather conditions. It features two sliding side outriggers with swivel screw jacks, as well as swivel screw jacks on the trailer drawbar and the rear of the enclosure. When the stabilizers are properly deployed, the PRO II can withstand wind gusts up to 65 mph (105 kph). Captive lock pins hold the outriggers in place in the extended or stowed positions and eliminate the possibility of lost or dangling pins.

Allmand Night-Lite PRO II V-Series light towers feature a hydraulically actuated vertical-only tower that can be fully raised or lowered in only 20 seconds with just one switch. With the lights contained within the footprint of the trailer, less space is required for storage or shipping and the potential for damage caused by lights hanging over the rear of the trailer is completely eliminated. The PRO II V-Series also feature the tower power cable encased in Nycoil flexible tubing, which eliminates tangling and stretching while protecting the mast wiring from cuts and abrasions.
Reader Service No.

LSC (LightSource Compact) Portable Light Tower
Doosan Portable Power, Statesville, N.C.

Introduced: August 31, 2010

Key innovation: The LSC portable light tower features a compact platform for jobsite mobility, and cost-effective transportation with 11 fully assembled units on a standard flatbed truck.

Doosan Portable Power introduces the LSC, designed with durability and reliability to meet the rigorous standards of rental and construction markets. The new LSC is designed for special events, road and bridge construction, emergency and disaster relief, and general construction sites.

Features include a compact platform for jobsite mobility and truckload maximization with 11 fully assembled units fitting on a standard flatbed for cost-effective transportation. The LSC also utilizes up to 20-percent less space during storage and full operational deployment compared to the industry average, while maintaining its wind stability, static roll threshold and 30-foot extension capabilities.

Four 1,000-watt metal-halide floodlights provide a 6- by 7-beam spread for better area coverage. The fixture design with a side-mounted/horizontally positioned bulb in each rectangular floodlight provides broad light distribution of 460 foot-candles. Cast-aluminum fixture housings include a separate reflector that lowers the risk of disruptive light distribution. The small footprint of the floodlights reduces wind load.

The heavy-duty galvanized steel tower extends from 12 to 30 feet and the mast is raised by dual, hand-operated winches and an automatic safety brake. Curly cord protection within the steel shroud along the first section of the tower prevents pinch or puncture damage. At full mast and with all four outrigger/jacks secured, the unit will withstand winds up to 65 mph. The telescoping tower can be rotated 360 degrees and locked into position for precise aiming of floodlights.

The LSC light tower is equipped with a Mitsubishi L3E 1,800-rpm water-cooled Tier 4 Final engine. The engine, along with a 4.5 kW generator and 27-gallon fuel tank, provides up to 52 hours of continuous operation.
Reader Service No.

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