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Tandem-drum rollers

Tandem-drum rollers

The Case DV Series rollers feature tandem-drum compaction for application in asphalt or granular materials. The DV201, DV202 (pictured) and DV204 models feature high centrifugal forces, dual frequency and a hydrostatic drive that provides improved traction and smooth performance. The tandem-drum line ranges from operating weights of 5,510 to 7,720 pounds with drum widths from 39.4 to 51.2 inches and engines from 27 to 38 hp. Drum frequencies range from 3,180 to 3,720 vpm with centrifugal forces from 4,580 to 8,877 pounds. The operator has the option of using manual- or automatic-vibration shutoff in the neutral travel position to prevent making ripples in a compacted surface.

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