Stump grinder

Stump grinder

Bandit’s Model 2900T stump grinder features higher horsepower, larger fuel tanks and new cutter wheel technology. The turf-friendly track stump grinder offers a 90-hp engine and 17-gallon fuel tank, and Greenteeth cutting technology. The self-propelled undercarriage, which incorporates four cylinders to ensure the tracks stay parallel, expands to 53 inches for stability when traveling over uneven terrain and also allows the unit to travel through soft soil conditions. The tracks also retract down to 35 inches for maneuverability, allowing the machine to fit through a backyard gate. The 2900T also features a hydrostatic drive system, reducing the number of belts that need to be maintained or replaced. The dual-speed drive system allows the operator to spend less time getting to and from the stump, traveling up to 70 feet per minute while in low and up to 150 feet per minute while in high. The 25-inch diameter cutter wheel is designed to generate the maximum amount of kinetic energy and provide the torque required for grinding. The hydraulic tank pivots 10 inches, allowing the operator to inspect and maintain hydraulic hoses without the hassle of removing the hydraulic tank.

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