Portable floor surface dryer

Portable floor surface dryer

The AirPath from Dri-Eaz takes carpet and floor drying to a new level of speed and efficiency. By utilizing a unique patented grill that directs airflow down and across floor surfaces in a 360-degree airstream, the AirPath can dry most floor surfaces in minutes, not hours or days. The AirPath accomplishes this by drawing warm, dry air from above and directing it across the entire surface of the floor — up to 12 feet in all directions. Users place the unit in the center of a room and switch on the 1-hp motor to unleash airflow clocked at up to 40 mph. Locking wheel casters keep the unit firmly in place when drying hard floors, and a rugged, rotomolded housing makes the unit lightweight, stackable and long-lasting. Simplicity of use and portability make it attractive to rental customers, and for store managers, the unit’s minimal maintenance requirements and the scratch- and dent-resistant housing mean the unit is always showroom ready.

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