Material handling tool

Material handling tool

Star Hill Solutions introduces Super Jawz Grabbing Tool, which was developed to meet the increasing demand for a grabbing tool with larger lifting capacity (10,000 pounds) and an opening of 58 inches at the tips that is suited for use on large wheel loaders and excavators. The patented Star Hill Jawz Grabbing Tool is a hydraulic front-end attachment with two fingers that open and close on a common plane for land management tasks such as removing invasive trees and brush, fence posts, stakes and moving large rocks or boulders. The wheel loader version, Model C3700CQA, of the Jawz Grabbing Tool, is designed with a quick coupling to accommodate wheel loaders and excavators. Super Jawz is ruggedly designed with the large equipment rental firms and heavy equipment operators in mind. Jawz fingers are 1.5-inch thick T-1 steel, and include a protective guard plate covering hoses and connectors. No longer will wheel operators have to push and roll boulders to get them in place because the Super Jawz easily accomplishes this task. The Super Jawz Grabbing Tool is a wheel loader and excavator attachment for grabbing and removing invasive trees, shrubs, brush and hedges, roots and all. It is designed to be more efficient than a shear, tree saw, or cutter because it doesn’t leave the roots in the ground. Super Jawz is designed for demolition projects where heavy equipment is needed.

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