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Locating system

Locating system

The 250R/T locating system from Ditch Witch is designed to locate and avoid buried telephone, CATV, power, gas and water lines. Consisting of a 250T transmitter and 250R receiver, this lightweight system features intuitive controls, an easy-to-read display and depth estimation up to 15 feet. The 250R/T can locate even when signals are either weak or strong. Tones are derived from the actual signals radiating from pipes or cables. The display is backlit and reinforced with a scratch-resistant coating for optimal visibility day and night. It can apply 33-kHz signals via direct connect, induction clamp, or other optional accessories. The unit also contains two-thirds fewer components than similar models, which means fewer chances of mechanical or electrical interruption, according to the company. The system also features a rugged design and moisture-resistant case that stands up to long-term use and tough weather conditions.

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