Hydraulics analyzer system

Hydraulics analyzer system

Using distributed hydraulics, an arrangement of hydraulic hoses created in a single loop in place of the valve bank used to disperse oil in traditional hydraulic systems, the AccuPlace with Ride Control system from JLG provides linear motion of the boom and a boom suspension system that permits more stable load transfer. It gives machine operators more precise control of load placement and reduces bounce while transporting a load, even over rough terrain. Other advantages of the distributed hydraulics in the AccuPlace system include 12-percent faster boom speeds, and a 27-percent reduction of leak points, which reduces jobsite cleanup and machine maintenance requirements. The system also offers a 25-percent increase in hydraulic flow so attachments that require a high auxiliary flow work more efficiently with overall better performance. Machine diagnosis is also upgraded when using the JLG analyzer. The analyzer helps to reduce the time it takes to diagnose and troubleshoot issues, and provides a more accurate assessment of the problem area.

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