Concrete pumps

Concrete pumps

Mayco’s LS series concrete pumps consist of the LS300, the mid-range LS400 and LS500, and the heavy-duty LS600 (pictured). All models feature a digital control panel and a digital readout that provides diagnostics in English or Spanish, allowing the operator to quickly diagnose the current status and assist in troubleshooting. The LS600 model is designed for low slump footings, tough rocky mixes, hard-to-reach areas, big slabs and long distance applications. It handles low cement/sand mixes up to 1½-inch aggregate and is powered by a Deutz 99-hp diesel engine. The LS600 has a volume output from 0 to 60 cubic yards with concrete piston face pressure of 1100 psi. Mayco is a division of Multiquip.

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