Compact track loader

Compact track loader

The small frame CT315 compact track loader from John Deere is the company’s first radial lift compact track loader, as well as its smallest, and features a 12.6-inch-wide track and a narrow overall machine width of 60 inches. The unit’s wide-open track frame configuration enables easy cleaning and a track sag check system and tension design is designed to lower the risk of de-tracking. While the CT315 is compact, it offers a 1,500-pound rated operating capacity. Its cushioned bucket and lift cylinders are designed to provide smooth deceleration at the end of the boom-lower position and also cushion the bucket when curling and dumping a load. The unit also offers a 360-degree view that is uninterrupted to the sides, both above and below the lift arms. The low-sloped rear hood allows improved rear visibility, because there are no tall rear towers to block key sight lines while operating in reverse.

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