Lightweight Core Drill Capable of Cutting Through Concrete

Lightweight Core Drill Capable of Cutting Through Concrete

The Model DBE 160 core drill rig from CS Unitec has an 18-amp motor capable of drilling holes up to 6 inches in diameter in concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, block and stone. The core drill rig weighs 34 pounds, and the drill stand column and base are made of heavy-duty aluminum for light weight and portability. This tool is designed for plumbers, electricians and other contractors for making through holes or anchor holes.

The single-speed 700-rpm unit has a built-in water swivel for wet diamond drilling. Other standard features include a mechanical slip clutch and motor overload protection. The DBE 160 comes equipped with 5/8-inch × 11 UNC and 1¼-inch × 7 UNC connecting threads.

“The robust design makes it easy to use with high rental utilization and long life,” says Tom Carroll, president of CS Unitec. “It is a simple one-speed core drill with no gears to change or speed control. The unit comes complete with a lightweight drill stand, which can be anchored or use a vacuum plate.”

Verified by Tom Carroll, president of CS Unitec.
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Vital Stats

Motor: 18 amps

Drilling size: 6 inches in diameter

Weight: 34 pounds

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