Chain Saw Stands Up To Jobsite Conditions

CS Unitec introduces a pneumatic concrete chain saw to meet the need to cut through reinforced concrete, brick, block, concrete pipe and natural stone. The CS 71773 air saw plunge cuts up to 14-inches deep in one pass and cuts mechanical openings, irregular shapes and square corners.

The saw can be used hand-held or with the optional SpeedHook guide to make straight cuts through walls and other surfaces. This air-powered concrete saw can be used with a range of diamond saw chains to cut a variety of masonry materials. Guidebars measuring 11- or 15-inches long lubricate the diamond chain and flush the cutting area with water to cool the chain and remove the slurry.

Tom Carroll, president, says that because contractors choose tools based on what type of power they already have, they can now add a tool that didn't previously exist — and so can rental centers. “There are a lot of rental companies that already have air compressors in their fleets,” Carroll says. “They now have one more tool to add to their programs.” Carroll says the saw has a long chain life. “Use is not affected by conditions on the jobsite,” Carroll says. “It needs less service than gas saws.”

Verified by Tom Carroll, president of CS Unitec.
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Cutting depth: Up to 14 inches Guidebars: 11 or 15 inches

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