Lighting Available for the Rental Industry

Allmand Bros.

Allmand Bros. introduces the V Series vertical light tower configuration as a standard feature for its Maxi-Lite EX Series light towers. The mast on the ML EX V Series will vertically telescope and retract from its own housing, resulting in easier setup, simplified shipping, towing and storage, and reduced potential for damage. The V Series configuration features a hydraulic lift system, allowing the mast to be raised and lowered in less than 30 seconds. The Series is available in 20, 30, and soon-to-come 40 kW. This provides an additional electrical power source for powering temporary work trailers, pumps, additional lighting or other auxiliary equipment. Other features include a standard 135-gallon fuel capacity and a trailer-integrated fuel containment system.
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Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson introduces a new series of light towers, including the new LTN 6, which features a compact design made of high-impact plastic designed to take up less room on the jobsite and in the rental yard, and reduce freight costs by allowing 12 units to be transported on a truck load. The LTN 6 is the first light tower to use a stamped 10-gauge steel tub, which provides improved strength and full protection from ground debris, according to the company. Equipped with distinctive elliptical light fixtures that offer diffused and even illumination without glare, the lights can be manually adjusted without tools. The LTN 6L offers a 13.4-hp Lombardini diesel engine that operates at a quiet 67 dBA at 23 feet. The LTN 6C is powered by a 15.3-hp Caterpillar diesel engine and operates at 68 dBA at 23 feet.
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Baldor Electric Co.

Baldor announces the availability of its Pow'R Lite mobile light towers, which provide 4,000 watts of light with four metal halide lamps on a 30-foot zinc-plated mast, providing light coverage for 5 to 7 acres. The heavy-duty lamp fixture is elliptical for better light dispersion. It is powered by a Baldor 6,000-watt generator coupled to a Kubota water-cooled industrial engine. A 50-gallon diesel fuel tank provides for 100 hours of operation.
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McGill molded cable String-O-Lights are a reusable, low-cost lighting system designed to deliver efficient lighting in punishing and demanding environments. The String-O-Lights conductors are contained within rugged, durable SJTW-A cable and come fully assembled and ready for use. Each package contains five or 10 socket-and-cage units on 50- to 200-foot lengths of cable. To assure fast installation, as well as hassle-free re-lamping, String-O-Lights feature a patented cage design that snaps open and closed without the need for tools.
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Godwin Pumps

Godwin Pumps offers its Godwin Lights light towers, a series of portable diesel light towers engineered to illuminate 5 to 7 acres from a manually deployed 30-foot rotating steel mast. Available with a Mitsubishi (standard) or Kubota engine, Godwin Lights feature automatic shutdown triggered by low oil/high temperature and have an estimated run time of 60 hours from a 30-gallon fuel tank. Godwin Lights can also be equipped with an optional Auto Light Controller that provides timer functionality to new or existing Godwin Lights. The ALC can be programmed to completely automate light tower operations including preheating, cranking, warm-up, energizing and de-energizing the lights, cool down and shutdown.
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Terex Corp.

The new Genie TML-4000 light tower features a durable Kubota engine, galvanized mast, and standard 120V and 240V outlets. Quick-disconnect fittings on the lights and ballasts help speed up maintenance, preserving uptime. Numbered and interchangeable ballasts, galvanized for corrosion resistance, also make troubleshooting straightforward and repair simple. Horizontal, square cast aluminum lights feature tool-less Quick Aim horizontal and vertical light casing adjustments. The TML-4000 features a 30-foot extended height and 360-degree tower rotation for pinpoint light positioning.
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Doosan Infracore Portable Power

The Ingersoll Rand LightSource light tower from Doosan Infracore Portable Power has been updated with new light fixtures that provide improved lighting output and distribution over previous LightSource models. Equipped with a standard 6-kW generator, the LightSource operates four 1,000-watt metal-halide floodlights for up to 52 hours of continuous operation. The new standard metal-halide lights now provide a NEMA 6 × 7 beam spread for better light distribution and area coverage. The new fixture design, with a side-mounted/horizontally positioned bulb in each rectangular floodlight, provides broader light distribution of 460 foot-candles, a 16-percent improvement over previous models.
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Bull Dog Power Products

Bull Dog Power Towers are floodlights designed for use on major construction sites. The Power Tower is a system of portable dual-headed light fixtures that feature high-intensity discharge metal halide lights that produce up to 220,000 lumens, enough illumination to cover 218,000 square feet. The single-head light system Power Tower delivers 110,000 lumens, which will illuminate 109,000 square feet. The super bright metal halide light fixtures are swivel mounted and spring loaded to cushion the bulb and absorb jobsite dings and dents.
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Magnum Products

The new MLT 4200 light tower is equipped with four elliptical light fixtures; 1,000 watts each with 360-degree rotation, providing flexible light coverage enough to cover 5 to 7 acres. The tubular steel mast can extend up to 30 feet. The unit provides single-phase 20kW power, voltage regulated for a cleaner power. It also features six individually breakered convenience outlets; two 120-V 20-amp GFCI duplex; two 240-V, 30-amp twistlock; and two 240-V 50-amp twistlock for additional power opportunities for power tools and equipment. Built to withstand rugged construction sites, the wider wheel base of the MLT 4200 provides easy towability.
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The Night Hawk light tower is powered by a Lombardini 1800-rpm liquid-cooled diesel engine. It features four, 1,000-watt industry-standard metal halide floodlights that provide maximum illumination and are controlled by an individual circuit breaker for versatility. Its mast extends to 32 feet, rotates 360 degrees and is stable in winds up to 65 mph. Standard features include a 30-gallon polyethylene fuel tank that provides 64 hours of continuous run time; high temperature and low oil pressure shutdowns; and a panel light that illuminates the control panel functions.
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