Integrated Wireless System Tracks Assets and Sends Alarms to Owners

Integrated Wireless System Tracks Assets and Sends Alarms to Owners

The CANplus Messenger from LOFA Industries is an integrated GSM/GPS wireless cellular phone-based telemetry system designed to work with electronic engine controllers. The unit monitors application-specific parameters present on the CANbus, sending current engine readings and GPS location to the LOFA server-based monitoring application. This compact telemetry module is designed to monitor, record, report and alarm for any requested information that is available on the CANbus.

“The CANplus Messenger not only provides a simple, rugged and easy-to-install solution to monitoring remote commercial and industrial equipment, but allows users to determine when assets have actually been operating or when they are about to fail — even before the operator knows,” says Peter Herbrand, president for LOFA. “The unit features exception reporting to Internet-based applications as well as event and data logging that can be set for minute-by-minute updates, if desired.”

In the event of equipment malfunctions, equipment owners and end-users can be quickly notified from the web via computer-generated voice phone messages, text messages and email. Notifications are sent to a list of pre-determined phone numbers and email addresses. Users can also view any and all remotely monitored assets via the CANplus Messenger using the web-based GIS application provided by the company.

Verified by Peter Herbrand, president for LOFA Industries.
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Vital Stats

Notifications: Computer-generated voice messages, text messages and emails

Features: GPS mapping information, alarm conditions and engine-specific parameters

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