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Abrasives & Blades - October 2008


The Side Winder II diamond blades are available in 12- and 14-inch models and feature a ribbed core that reduces friction and heat while providing faster cutting and application versatility. The blades' T-shape diamond segment design enhances fast cutting performance, making them suitable for cured concrete, brick, block, and asphalt and green concrete. The T-shape design also provides undercutting core protection, preserving the integrity of the steel core while extending blade life and providing a greater return on investment.
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The new line of 4- to 16-inch diamond blades feature high-quality synthetic diamonds embedded into the bonding matrix of each saw blade. The line includes segmented and turbo diamond blades in a range of sizes. Applications include cured concrete, block, brick, granite, ceramic, asphalt and green concrete.
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Bosch introduces a 7¼-inch blade to its SpeedWave diamond blade line. The blade features a diamond arbor knockout that allows users to not only cut with an angle grinder, but also with any worm-drive circular saw. The blade's wave-shaped ridges along both sides of each segment are designed to reduce blade friction and drag, and to help clear dust faster for improved performance. The SpeedWave benefits from the center cooling disc, which uses the blade's rotation to draw in air and then evenly distributes it, allowing the blade surface to cool, increasing blade life.
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Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson's 12- and 14-inch diameter split-segment blades are designed to offer versatility, fast cutting, longer life and lower vibrations. The key to the technology is the increased number of segments. By doubling the number of segments, the angle of contact to the material is reduced to provide faster cutting with lower vibrations. Additionally, there are more exit points for dust particles, keeping the blade cooler and increasing its usable life. The combination of a softer bond and increased air flow allows these blades to work on a variety of materials.
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The new Contractor Pro high-speed diamond blades from Hilti are designed for up to 50-percent longer life and faster cutting speeds. Available in three versions — general purpose segmented, general purpose turbo and asphalt segmented — the Contractor Pro blades are designed for cutting applications in reinforced concrete, concrete block, clay, brick and other masonry materials. For precise cutting and straighter tracking, the Contractor Pro segmented blades feature a .125-inch thickness with a stronger core, so they can also be used on low-hp walk-behind saws. For added quality and durability when cutting concrete or asphalt, the segments are laser welded for a stronger bond. Standard with a 20-mm arbor and 1-inch knockout, the blades can adapt to larger saws and, though formulated for dry use, they can also be used wet to reduce dust and noise.
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The new resin-bonded PVC pipe-cutting wheels are designed to cut PVC pipe safely and securely on high-speed gas or electric saws. These wheels are made with three layers of fiberglass reinforcements and come in 12-inch, 14-inch and 16-inch diameters, 5/32-inch thickness and are available with a 1-inch or a 20-mm arbor.
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The Diteq Corp. introduces the X-TEQ cross-over diamond blade, which features three different types of segments. It is designed to handle abrasive materials like green concrete, asphalt and block. Another vital component is ARIX diamond arrangement technology segments. Turbo segments make for faster, freer cutting, and the laser-cut core keeps it running cool.
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The DW4742 14-inch XP general purpose segmented diamond abrasive blade from DeWalt features an extended performance diamond matrix that provides 350 times the life of conventional abrasives and enhanced material cutting. The segmented rim blades are laser welded with heat-treated steel bodies that provide increased durability and long life. Large diamond segments with cobalt allow for use across various product applications.
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Diamond Products

Diamond Products introduces its new Core Cut Star Blue-grade segmented high-speed blades for asphalt. The new Star Blue-grade high-speed blades can be used wet or dry and are specifically made to deliver good life when cutting in asphalt, green concrete and soft materials with a high-speed saw. The blades come in a 14-inch by .125 by 1-inch size with 20-mm bushing.
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