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Product of the Week - DPL Telematics AssetView

Product of the Week - DPL Telematics AssetView


DPL Telematics' AssetView is an advanced solution for wireless monitoring and remote tracking of any powered or unpowered asset to improve logistics, manage inventory and curb theft. The small, portable GPS unit is completely self-contained and may be hidden on any asset. 

The AssetView allows managers to remotely monitor any asset accurately from an Internet-based software package and mobile app. Features include: 

• No external wiring or antenna.

• Internal battery power from three customer replaceable AA 1.5V batteries.

•Self-powered for 3.5 years on daily updates, up to 1 year using more detailed tracking.

• Wireless, two-way communication; activate recovery mode or set movement alerts over the air using software or mobile app.

• Little to no sky view required; may be hidden inside or under most assets.

• IP 67 rated and UV stabilized design for deployment in harsh environments.

• The size of a computer mouse, may be rotated between company assets and hidden easily.

• Dual GPS and GLONASS positioning designed for faster, more accurate locations by utilizing twice as many satellites as traditional GPS devices.

• Global cellular coverage; track assets across borders.

• Month to month agreement. No long-term contract, allowing for deactivation and reactivation at any time without penalty.

The AssetView combines multiple technologies to maximize battery life while operating and remaining active in extremely low power modes. The unique solution is a powerful tool to reduce theft, prevent loss and manage inventory. The AssetView is powered by 3 x AA 1.5V batteries, rather than requiring constant charging or a proprietary power source. Low power notifications remotely alert customers if the batteries get low so they know when to change them, well in advance of depletion. 

The AssetView’s proprietary Adaptive Tracking technology is designed to increase its reporting frequency when movement is detected and automatically reduces it when stationary. The intended result is long battery life while actively alerting on curfew violation, movement or geofence breach as well as allowing the user to switch to “Recovery Mode” over the air.

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