Vantage 500

Vantage 500

The Vantage 500 is a rugged, reliable and versatile welder designed to stand up to the punishment of the most demanding rental fleet applications. The top of the line unit features a standard stainless steel roof and side panels for added corrosion-resistance, simple controls, and Lincoln’s patented Chopper Technology for easy arc starts, smooth arc action, low spatter and excellent bead appearance. This multi-process welder is capable of Stick, TIG, MIG, Flux-Cored and Arc Gouging. It provides 500 amps of pure welding power at 100 percent duty cycle. The Vantage 500 also generates an industry-leading 12,000 watts of AC auxiliary power, and allows you to simultaneously weld and use the generator to power construction lights and tools at the job site.

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