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Material Handler

Material Handler

The new Model G9-43A material handler by Gradall and JLG offers a 9,000-pound capacity, a 43-foot maximum lift height and a 30-foot reach in addition to the collection of productivity advantages in the Gradall G Series family of machines. The machine’s backbone frame is offset slightly to the operator cab side, bringing the mid-mounted engine closer to the center of the machine for even left-right weight distribution. The even weight distribution advantage complements the Model G9-43A’s long wheelbase and low center of gravity, helping to keep the machine both mobile and versatile while working on slopes as well as on dirt, gravel, sand or in sticky mud. The Deere 4045TF150 99-horsepower engine is located in a new low, mid-mounted compartment, making routine service functions convenient at ground level. 717-485-5161

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