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Miller Electric introduces its new 2008 full-line catalog that includes a quick index of new products and more guidance for selecting products, welders and plasma cutters. The full-color 100-page catalog provides specifications on Miller products as well as useful product selection charts, and describes additional benefits available through Miller's online welding communities.
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The Gradall Tree Limb Shear attachment features a full tilting boom that allows an operator to put the attachment at the correct angle to trim branches and limbs that extend over roadways. The attachment can cut through large branches 8 to 10 inches in diameter. The tilting boom and the attachment's jaws also can be used to pick up and pile branches, or load them into a truck.
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ITT Flygt introduces its latest generation of stainless-steel submersible dewatering and solids-handling pumps. The Model BS-2740 operates on three-phase 230/460/575 volts, and is rated at 9 hp. The unit is designed for corrosive liquid pumping, is made entirely of stainless steel, has a slim design (11-inch diameter) and can be used for active dewatering in tight spaces. The BS-2740 is supplied with a 50-foot power cable.
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The GloBug Lighting System from Multiquip is designed to provide glare-free lighting for a wide range of applications. The unit features a metal halide lamp with a single 1,000-watt lamp for maximum illumination, as well as self-inflating balloons that are easy to install and inflate in less than 20 seconds. Five outriggers provide stabilization and the gas-assisted mast prevents it from coming down unexpectedly when raising or lowering.
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PulseTech Products introduces the Xtreme Charge 12-volt battery charger. The Xtreme Charge can charge any 12-volt lead acid battery through the application of the company's patented Pulse technology, which is designed to increase the average battery life by two to three times.
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UpRight introduces the TL37 and TL49K (pictured), which are 43-foot and 55-foot working height articulated boomlifts. The TL37 is light with a stable in-line boom, and hydraulic outriggers, jib and powered cage rotation come standard. The TL49K boasts heavy-duty booms, features a wide variety of power options and is simple to maintain.
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Atlas Copco Construction Tools' hydraulic compactors are now available with a rotation device and a standard PermanentLube lubrication system. The optionally available 360-degree endless rotation device allows the compactor to be positioned with greater ease in virtually all applications. The PermanentLube system is designed to turn the compactor into an almost maintenance-free attachment.
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