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Truck Bed Defies Weather-related Problems

The Retriever low-profile truck bed from Up-N-Atom can replace pickup trucks and trailers for hauling heavy industrial equipment. The Retriever is lightweight and has a low deck height. The hydraulic system has been eliminated and the Retriever uses the truck's own air system as the power source to raise and lower the curved, hinged deck and bi-fold ramp.

“By eliminating all hydraulic components, the Retriever converts dead weight into payload, allowing heavier equipment to be hauled by smaller, less-expensive-to-operate trucks,” says Joe Simons, president of Up-N-Atom.

Because it relies on air instead of oil as its power source, the Retriever's deck operation is unaffected by cold weather, eliminating costly downtime and lost revenues. The curved and hinged deck allows a loading angle of 10.8 to 13.5 degrees, depending on truck specs. The curved deck also eliminates “breakover” when loading tracked equipment, saving both the machine and truck from the typical pounding. A traversing winch mount travels the full width of the deck, making side-by-side loading or off-center hook-ups faster and safer. Forty tie-down points and convenient chain storage add to the ease, security and safety of loading. Durable, high-traction epoxy coating ensure sure footing for both the equipment and the operator.

“The special high-traction surface provides a safer footing for equipment and the operator,” he says.

Verified by Joe Simons, president of Up-N-Atom.
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Loading angle: 10.8 to 13.5 degrees
Length: 18 to 26 feet, in 2-foot increments

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