This Thumb Guarantees a Pick Up Any Day or Night

Anyone in the construction business, particularly rental equipment centers, can appreciate the value of a product that isn't going to require much maintenance and more importantly a product that will last a lifetime.

Attachment Sales' thumbs fit excavators and loader back-hoes of all sizes and are ideal for applications such as land clearing and burning, picking up piles of debris, handling logs and loading trucks with construction materials.

There are 11 thumb models in the series, including the CT2458EX (pictured), all manufactured using T-1 alloy steel and are reinforced with solid plate gussets.

Richard Pujol, Attachment Sales' marketing and sales director, said the thumbs are virtually maintenance free and will last as long as they are not abused. The thumbs are made domestically and come with a one-year warranty on craftmanship and materials.

“We developed the ‘Y’ yoke stiff arm system that provides more stability on the thumb,” he said. Pujol adds his company works closely with steel manufacturers to ensure the highest quality and integrity of alloys used in thumbs fabrication. “And they are the tightest folding thumb on the market.”

The thumbs operate at three different positions — 120, 105 and 90 degrees. The outside positioning of the lower pins prevents racking and twisting of the thumb when grabbing unbalanced objects.
RS #403


Composition Alloy T-1 steel
Dimensions 24 inches × 58 inches
Weight 992 pounds
500 to 700 psi.

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