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Terramite's T9 Packs a Powerful Punch

Every manufacturer claims their latest product offering is bigger, better and more powerful than anything else they've ever built. Often, the hype doesn't live up to the promises.

Terramite begs to differ with its new T9 compact tractor loader backhoe.

"(The T9) is a lot more aggressive, and contractors can take it on the job site to do a variety of different jobs," said sales manager John Lane, comparing the backhoe to Terramite's T5C machine. "And it's one-third larger overall."

The backhoe can dig up to 10 feet and has 1 1/2-inch pins with bushings and 3-inch cylinders for heavy-duty work. It lifts 2,300 pounds as high as 8 1/2 feet. Lane said the machine's new front curl cylinder system offers breakout of 6,100 pounds with rear breakout of 5,400 pounds.

The T9 is powered by a 31.5-horsepower diesel engine with optional four-wheel drive for operation in low-traction conditions. A four-in-one front bucket option enables the front loader to scrape, load, carry and grab.

In addition to its strength and versatility, the T9 is durable and the easiest unit in its class to service and maintain, according to Terramite. All parts are easy to access and can be removed in minutes.

The T9 can be towed with a three-quarter-ton pickup.

Verified by John Lane, sales manager

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