Terex's Economy Model Without the Economy Quality From Terex Light

Terex Light Construction has long specialized in mobile trailer-mounted floodlighting products, all built to the highest standards and capable of providing effective lighting at all times, the manufacturer says.

The company's latest offering, the TX3000, is no different except it is available at an economy cost.

"The TX3000 is a low-cost model with the same quality as our other light tower models such as the AL4000," says special projects manager Paul Dieckhouse. "It has the same strong frame construction, and it features a single-winch design compared to (other products on the market), which have a double winch."

The single-winch design allows operators to raise and lower the mast tower, simplifying operation while also lowering maintenance costs, according to Terex.

The unit is equipped with a 6-kilowatt, 60-hertz generator and a 30-foot, cable-actuated rotatable mast. The TX3000 provides 4,000 watts of lighting capacity with four 1,000-watt light fixtures. It is powered by a three-cylinder Kubota diesel engine fitted with a 30-gallon fuel tank that allows operators to use the light source for about 60 hours before a refill is necessary.

By the first quarter of next year, the unit will also be available with a Perkins engine and a 50-hertz package for international markets, Dieckhouse adds.

As with all Terex light towers, the TX3000 comes with a powder-coat finish that enhances the product's appearance while extending life. As many as 12 units can be loaded onto a standard 48-foot flatbed trailer.

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