System Provides Diagnostic Capabilities For Roller

Stone Construction Equipment has incorporated a clearable fault log in the on-board SnapTek microprocessor-based operating system of the Bulldog trench roller. As the “brains of the Bulldog,” it allows the service department of a rental company to clear the fault history before the unit is sent out on a job. When returned or serviced, the new feature provides a rental profile of the trench roller — hours run, fault incidents during that rental — showing its use or abuse. The solid-state electronics displays operating status readouts for the hour meter, rpm, battery voltage, e-stop, low voltage, tilt or tip over, low oil pressure and high engine temperature.

With the addition of Stone's new Bulldog Diagnostic Optimizer, service departments can see the fault history during the life of the machine, even when the faults have been cleared for every rental or job. Available as an optional accessory, the Optimizer speeds troubleshooting or preventive maintenance and decreases service time.

“This give contractors some diagnostic capabilities right on site to save them a phone call,” says Frank Wenzel, vice president of engineering at Stone Construction Equipment.

An idle down feature has also been added to the transmitter on the radio frequency remote control. The new function allows the roller to be placed in idle or removed from idle using the remote control. The roller can sit idle, but ready to go, while digging or grading.

No matter how well a machine is built, there will be the occasional breakdown, which is why this troubleshooting system helps. “We provide them with the tools to allow them to keep working and fix problems efficiently,” Wenzel says.

Verified by Frank Wenzel, vice president of engineering for Stone Construction Equipment.
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SnapTek operating system: Creates rental profile
Diagnostic Optimizer: Speeds troubleshooting

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