Stow Trowels Provide Power and Performance

The new line of Stow concrete trowels, the SCT30, SCT36 (pictured) and the SCT46, are designed for operator comfort, control and productivity. All three units feature a padded belly bar, which as the name suggests, allows operators to use their bellies to guide the machine, according to product manager Jeff Holtslander.

Users can also enjoy the comfort of being able to straighten their arms because the unit's handlebars are only 35-inches high.

The SCT36 is available with a 5.5- or 9-horsepower Honda engine as standard or an optional 5- or 8-horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine. The unit's paddle speeds vary from 60 to 125 rpm and the shorter working handle offers improved visibility. The machine also features a moving sheave centrifugal clutch that simplifies shifting through operating ranges when compared with standard clutches. Also, tilt cables ride on ball-bearing pulleys for easy blade pitch adjustment.

Holtslander says the new line of concrete trowels are the company's easiest trowels to use, thanks in part to the considerable time spent positioning the engine to counterbalance the handles' weight.

The trowels are also equipped with enclosed V-belts and a sealed stop switch to prevent moisture and dust damage. A spider block of cast ductile iron minimizes vibration while a standard stabilizer ring ensures chatter-resistant operation.
RS #401

Paddle speed 60-125 rpm
Handlebar height 35 inches
Weight 192 to 214 pounds

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