Slim-line Pumps Fit Tight Spaces

Godwin Pumps expands its line of Sub-Prime electric submersible pumps to include 50 Hz dewatering, trash, sludge and slim-line models.

The Sub-Prime units feature a slim-line design to fit into confined spaces and are intended for large dewatering applications that require high head, high volume, and super volume with single-phase motors to 3 hp and three-phase motors to 90 hp.

The pumps also feature a top discharge design with flow rates to 5,000 gallons per minute, discharge heads to 375 feet and solids handling up to 3.2 inches in diameter.

A sealed junction chamber provides the ability in the field to increase or decrease voltage and increase the size of power cables without re-machining.

The Sub-Prime electric submersible pumps include a chromium-alloy white cast iron impeller and heavy-duty rubber or polyurethane coasted adjustable wearing parts for longer life. Modular parts on the pumps can be interchanged.

The pumps have tandem mechanical seals for dry running and protection against leakage, dual phase on selected models for electrical supply flexibility and dual voltage junction chamber for convenient changeover in the field.

Dave Higgs, Sub-Prime electric submersible product manager, says the design helps users be more productive. “The slim-line design of the Godwin Sub-Prime family of pumps allows customers to use the pumps in confined spaces — spaces as small as eight inches in diameter,” Higgs says. “This flexibility allows the contractor to get the job done.”

Verified by Dave Higgs, Sub-Prime electric submersible product manager for Godwin Pumps.
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Flow rates: Up to 5,000 gpm
Discharge heads: Up to 375 feet
Solids handling: Up to 3.2 inches

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