Truck Crane

The new Grove TMS900E truck crane combines two proven superstructure and chassis components to provide users with a 90-ton machine that travels smoothly down the highway at speeds up to 65 mph and carries almost 200 feet of on-board reach. This new model uses the upper from the GMK4090 all-terrain crane that provides a 5-section full-power Megaform boom and features Grove's exclusive twin-lock boom pinning system. The system uses a single cylinder located in the boom base section, which keeps the center of gravity lower, eliminates multiple cable drums mounted on the boom and reduces travel weight. The electronic crane operating system works in conjunction with the EKS4 LMI via Can-Bus technology and controls pinning and extension of the boom sections to the selected boom configuration.
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Hydraulic Excavator

Gradall introduces a new model XL 3100 hydraulic excavator equipped with a Detroit diesel OM 906 engine that meets or exceeds tough emission standards nationwide. The 190-hp engine powers the excavator's highway-speed wheeled undercarriage as well as its upperstructure and versatile telescoping boom. The machine can be driven at speeds in excess of 50 mph, taking full advantage of the machine's multi-task versatility and allowing it to work in many different locations in a single day without the need for a lowboy trailer.
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The SDS Max D25830K and spline D25850K are demolition hammers from DeWalt suitable for light demolition of masonry or concrete. Each has an 11.5-amp motor and variable impact control from 1,330 to 2,660 bpm. The hammers have a compact housing, giving users a secure grip under the hammer body. The electronic variable speed setting near the large rear handle makes it easy to control the speed of drilling or chipping while the rubber grip helps dampen the effects of tool vibration.
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The frame on the Johnson Big Wheel from MacKissic Inc. is manufactured from heavy gauge tubular steel, welded into an automotive-like chassis. The cutter housing is a replaceable unit made of heavy gauge steel. Fully pneumatic, bicycle-type rear tires cushion the weight and carry the mower though heavy grass, rough terrain or soft soil. A mulching kit is available for all models.
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Paint System

Bri-Mar Mfg. adds a fully automated powder coat paint system. The paint line runs on a continuous track enabling Bri-Mar to keep up with the demand. Not only does the switch to powder coating create better appearance, it also provides a cleaner working atmosphere and is environmentally complacent, the manufacturer says.
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