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Dakota Shine offers an agricultural-based product line that solves the issue of painting or waxing equipment to improve its appearance. The first step uses an ag-based cleaner, Dakota Prep, to remove grease, wax buildup and oxidation from the surface. The second product, Dakota Shine, penetrates the surface of the paint, decals and most plastics to rejuvenate the pigments back to the original color. Dakota Shine must be applied using a high-pressure paint gun.
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I-Rent II from AbbottSoft represents the latest in Microsoft Windows programs and will function on Windows 98 through XP. The program uses Web style interfaces where users can quickly navigate through its many functions and even use a touch screen monitor if desired. The program can create rental contracts; repair orders, reservation and sales invoices in less than a minute; run end-of-month billing automatically; and track income, return on investment and tax obligations. Through September 2002 AbbottSoft will install its software on new IBM computers, test and ship everything for the normal price of the software alone. This offer is only available to readers of this issue of RER, and information is available at the company's Web site:
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Solar Electric Generator

Solar Dynamics releases its Harvester 12-volt DC, 750-watt AC portable power source that collects energy from the sun, providing users with power even when miles from the nearest electrical outlet. It can be outfitted with a number of accessories for various applications including a light stand, podium, desktop and trailer hitch. Charging power can be doubled or tripled with the addition of one or two solar panels. The product recharges itself through a 50-watt solar panel, which requires no maintenance and has a 10-year guarantee.
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Equipco Electric Material Hoist is designed for renovations and new construction. At 80 feet per minute users can speed up production and boost productivity. These machines feature a sealed oil bath gearbox and heavy-duty motors that range from 450- to 1,900-pound capacity. Various applications are available on request.
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Pressure Washers

Tuff Pressure Washers introduces a new line of electric-powered, hot water pressure washers with a vertical burner design and easy-maneuvering hand truck design. The TVT series has a cleaning range of up to 4.2 gpm and 3,000 psi of pressure. There are 12 models, six with a belt-drive high-pressure pump and six with a direct-drive or direct-coupled pump. There are multiple power options including 120V, 230V 1 phase, 230V 3 phase and 460V 3 phase.
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Concrete mixers

Muller concrete mixers from Terex have batch capacities up to 13.5 cubic feet. Other features include a simple-to-adjust start/stop clutch, heavy-duty solid steel drum yoke, segmented ring gears for easy replacement and positive drum lock. Poly drums are standard for the C-60 and C-90 models, and steel drums are standard for the C-135 and R-5 models.
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Compact Loader

Summit California introduces the IBEX 20PK rubber tracked self-loading machine. Available in two track widths 36- and 44-inch, and weighing in at 2,300 pounds, the loader is capable of maneuvering and working in confined spaces. It is powered by a Perkins 20-hp, 3-cylinder, water-cooled diesel engine and hydrostatic transmission. Payload capability is 1,750 pounds.
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Telescopic Boom

Genie Industries improves its S-80/S-85 self-propelled telescopic booms with engines that provide more usable power than before, faster tilt speed, improved traction and safety. Choose between the larger more powerful GM 3-liter gas/LPG 80-hp, Deutz diesel F4L 913 77-hp or Perkins 704-30, 63-hp. The more powerful engines give the stick boom family the capability to operate multiple functions simultaneously, resulting in maximum lift speed. Oscillating axles now come as standard equipment.
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Hand-Held Kinetic Water Ram

The lightweight, compact kinetic water ram from General Pipe Cleaners is designed to safely, quickly and cleanly clear clogged sinks, toilets and tubs with the power of compressed air. Simply pump the product to the desired pressure, plug overflows to prevent splash back and firmly position the flexible cone over the drain opening. One snap of the trigger unleashes a burst of compressed air, instantly clearing clogs even through standing water. The resulting shock wave also bypasses stacks and vents.
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Compact Utility Loader

The Prowler from Powerhouse Equipment has a 24-hp Honda engine that provides capabilities in trenching, augering, tilling and moving materials. It has an expandable rubber track undercarriage that provides access through a 30-inch opening and will expand to a 42-inch wide platform for stability. Its many attachments include 30- and 42-inch buckets, 4-in-1 buckets, 4- to 12-inch trenchers, high torque auger power heads, 6- to 36-inch augers, tillers, boring units, hydraulic breakers, backhoes, vibratory plows and more. The machine's 3-pump system provides more power.
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FFC Attachments introduces the new FFC cold planer, designed to provide a faster cut, delivering more horsepower per bit. It restores proper drainage to pavement, textures pavement for skid resistance, removes traffic lane stripes and handles full-depth utility cuts. It also scarifies concrete and planes sidewalks and street joints. Designed specifically for skid-steer loaders, the attachment is available in 12- and 16-inch widths for standard-flow skid steers and in six widths ranging from 16 to 36 inches for high-flow models.
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Multidrive launches, British-designed, 40-ton capacity all-wheel-drive off-highway hauler — the M8-40, which features a 450-hp Caterpillar power unit and fully-automatic Allison transmission. The patented drive-line provides permanent all-wheel drive with a self-steering rear bogie on the trailer section. This configuration reduces axle loads and spreads the traction effort over all four axles to provide off-road capability and all with a long, low 38.6-cubic-yard, 40-ton payload capacity. It is equipped with six 20.5R25 rear and two 17.5R25 front tires and the overall width is 8 feet 7 inches.
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The portable 185 cfm compressor from GrimmerSchmidt runs on a CARB-certified IMPCO 3 liter, 4-cylinder propane engine and fuel management system. Emission certification was completed at the factory with emission levels significantly lower than new allowable limits. In addition to being powered by a clean burning engine, this compressor was designed with the standard features such as large fuel capacity and adequate tool storage. Its capacity is large enough to run two 90-pound breakers.
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The racing headset from Motorola is designed for high-noise environments and is built to withstand the rough-and-tumble of the pit and garage areas. The headset is used with racing teams but also in manufacturing facilities or construction sites. It can be used with more than 20 different Motorola portable two-way radios. The product features a noise-canceling boom microphone and an in-line push-to-talk button.
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Superpac's full lineup of rollers - 40 to 84 inches - is available with either smooth or padfoot drums depending on the application. Smooth drums are designed for granular soils. Padfoot drums are necessary for heavy cohesive clays. Full hydrostatic drive delivers power to the drum and wheels independently, eliminating differential power loss.
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John Deere's new 57-metric-ton 600C LC and 75-metric-ton 800C excavators have a turbocharged, charge-air cooled 15.7-liter Isuzu BB-6WGIT engine with four valves per cylinder to provide improved efficiency. The large-displacement engine delivers high reliability and durability due to several improvements including a direct oil spray to cool pistons. A high-rigid cylinder block with a ladder frame and helical timing gears with small backlash provide noise-lowering benefits.
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Scissor Lift

UpRight launches a new X-Series electric scissor to meet growing demand for 32-foot working height scissors with the ability to pass through standard single-width doorways and very narrow aisles. At 32.5 inches wide, the lift not only matches the single doorway capability more usually associated with 26-foot working height scissors, it also provides an extra 6 feet of working height. The short overall length of 8 feet 8 1/2 inches coupled with a tight 8-inch inside turning radius adds to the X26 Ultra-N's mobility in confined space. Extra traction drive from the dual front wheel hydraulic motors boosts gradeability to 26 percent.
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Hitachi Power Tools introduces a new line of 1/2-inch cordless, keyless hammer drills featuring a 14-volt model, the DV14DV and an 18-volt model, the DV18DV. With a turn of the selection dial on the head of the drill, these tools can switch from serving as a driver drill to a hammer drill. Both models feature an adjustable slip-clutch with 22 stages. The DV14DV has an impact rate of 0 to18,000 bpm, while the DV18DV has 0 to 22,500 bpm.
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Pallet Forks

Loegering pallet forks feature recessed forks to prevent damage to pallets, boxes or other bulky materials. Adjustable forks allow operators to adjust the spacing between fork tines from 9 to 45 inches. Multiple fork lengths offer the flexibility to accommodate a variety of applications.
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Directional Drilling System

Using an exclusive mechanical dual-drive drilling system, the self-contained, 40,000-pound pullback Ditch Witch JT4020 all-terrain directional drilling system permits effective drilling and steering through solid and broken rock, cobble and soil/rock mixtures without a mud motor or auxiliary fluid system. It can make installations to distances up to 1,000 feet. The all-terrain mechanical, dual-drive drilling system employs an inner rod to drive a rock bit during the bore. An outer pipe thrusts the bit forward while drilling and provides rotary torque for the hole opener during backreaming.
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Vacuum System

Powered by a 24-hp Honda engine, the 850CFM vacuum system from RockVac is designed for removal of rock and mulch from landscape beds. The system draws material through its heavy-duty hose into the impact resistant steel hopper. The material is then gravity-dumped into a wheelbarrow, skid loader bucket or trailer.
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Air Compressors

AC1-PH55-08M air compressors from Mi-T-M feature a 5.5 hp Honda OHV engine, a single stage compressor head with aluminum head and cast iron cylinder/crankcase, 10-inch fly wheel for extra cooling and longer life, a large canister intake filter, a 14-gauge powder-coated belt guard, pneumatic tires, powder-coated 8-gallon twin tank receivers, idle control for added safety, quality pilot valves, two gauges for tank and outlet pressure, manual drain valves for proper maintenance, a stainless steel braided discharge hose, a large canister intake filter and splash lubrication.
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Scissor Lifts

Two new rough terrain scissor lifts from JLG Industries provide more platform space and greater load capacity along with exceptional gradeability for more productive work in all types of jobsite conditions. The Model 3394RT has a 33-foot platform height and 2,250-pound platform capacity, and the Model 4394RT has a 43-foot platform height and 1,500-pound platform capacity. With a load management system for the fuel injected engine that prevents the engine from bogging-down in extreme rough terrain conditions, a dual pump hydraulic drive and 3-speed selectable drive controls, the lifts have the ability to handle difficult situations with a job tested 45-percent gradeability. The standard oscillating axle helps maintain traction, and 15-inch super wide tires increase flotation for optimum site travel.
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