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Scarifying Teeth Loosen Soil and Eliminate Manual Labor

Loegering skid-steer attachments are designed to increase productivity. The Eliminator professional skid-steering grading rake eliminates manual labor while preparing all types of soil conditions. Its grading teeth create the perfect final grade, and are designed for small, tight areas that normally require hours of manual labor.

“There are no moving parts to grease or hydraulic lines to worry about,” says Eric Lunneborg, Loegering regional sales coordinator. “The Eliminator fits easily on a trailer and is easy to operate.”

The model is available with either 12- or 13-inch scarifying teeth. To accommodate machines that sit higher or to work better with tracked machines, 13-inch teeth are offered for deeper soil penetration.

The Eliminator's scarifying teeth can loosen even the hardest soils. Skid-steers can go from an unclear lot to finished seedbed with one attachment. Scarifying and leveling can be done going forward and in reverse. The product is available in three sizes, 42, 72 and 84 inches. It is designed for close detail work along driveways, walks and curbs for removing scrub and small vegetation. The unit's precision placement allows the operator to push soil within inches of edges.
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Verified by Becky Fix, marketing coordinator.


Sizes: 42-, 72- and 84-inch
Scarifying teeth sizes: 12- or 13-inch
Soil conditions: all types

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