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Power Climber

Power Climber's PC3 powered traction hoist is designed for service efficiency. Engineered polymer covers and unique easily accessible components save time. By cutting turn service to less than 10 minutes and annual maintenance to one hour, the PC3 frees fleet owners from extensive service time to prepare a hoist for rental. With a voltage range of 170 volts to 229 volts, this fully featured hoist operates at lower voltage than other hoists on the market, according to the company. The PC3 family of hoists includes 1,000-pound and 1,500-pound single and 3-phase hoists, a 110-volt unit and air hoists.

Ted Crosby, owner of C.E. Merkel, a scaffolding rental company in Largo, Fla., likes the voltage range of the PC3 hoist. “It can run on very low electrical currents or very high,” Crosby says. “It is easy to switch out the electrical components, and it's very easy to rebuild the unit if you need to.”
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Bil-Jax offers a line of scaffolding solutions, each with high-strength, precision-engineered tubular steel frames that undergo a six-point corrosion defense process, Tru-Flex 60, to extend service life and maximize dealer return on investment. With more than 6,000 powder-coated frame and accessory options to choose from, Bil-Jax has a variety of rental solutions. Options include the traditional frame scaffold, Pro-Jax utility scaffold with Saf-T-Lok mechanism, allowing easy one-person adjustment of the scaffolding platform, rolling towers with quick assembly and a large work platform area, and assorted accessories.
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The Tele-Tower Model 1101 adjustable work platform from TelPro is made of all-steel construction to withstand tough work environments. Portable components can be transported to the work site in a van or pickup truck and assembled by one person from ground level. The winch system operates to provide an adjustable platform height ranging from 2 feet to 11 feet in 6-inch increments with a working height of 18 feet. The static load rating is 550 pounds, and two people can comfortably work on the platform together. The assembled unit with safety rails folded can roll through a 32-inch by 80-inch doorway.
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The World's Greatest Ladder from Cosco is five ladders in one. Available in three sizes (13 foot, 17 foot and 21 foot) and two duty ratings (type II, 225 pounds and type 1A, 300 pounds) the ladder can be converted to a staircase ladder, wall ladder, extension ladder, stepladder or a scaffold unit without the use of tools, in addition to folding compactly for storage. Other features include box I beam aluminum for strength and stability, flared legs with slip-resistant feet and positive locking hinges.
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Beta Max

The new Max Climber 5700 mast climbing work platform is easy to transport and features a double tower system with a lifting capacity of up to 5,700 pounds. The 5700 is designed for light duty projects, including painting, tuckpointing, siding, glazing and light restoration. The system has a maximum platform length of 70 feet and a maximum working height of 265 feet. The Max Climber 5700 requires no forklift or crane for installation. The system travels at 35 fpm and must be tied in at 20-foot intervals.
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Werner's new multi-functional ladders can convert into numerous positions to accommodate a variety of work situations. The telescoping design of the Werner MT Series Multiladder provides users with maximum versatility. The ladder can be used as a twin stepladder, extension ladder, and stairway stepladder or as two scaffolding bases. The MT Ladder's flexibility allows both professionals and consumers to take advantage of its convenience and ease. The MT ladder features spring-loaded “J” locks, which allow quick height adjustment and soft-touch push knobs that alter angle positions. The four models in the series range in stepladder height from 3 feet to 11 feet. As extension ladders, the product can reach from 6 feet to 22 feet.

Bill Kenney, a homeowner in Janesville, Wis., uses the Werner MT ladder for indoor and outdoor home maintenance jobs. “It is strong and sturdy and is easily transported and stored,” he says. “It is easily the finest ladder I have ever used.”
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