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Sander Offers Control, Professional Results

The SL-8 floor sander from Essex Silver-Line features a 1-hp constant speed motor and soft rubber drum with a cam locking system that combine to work like a professional sander. The sandpaper is held between two spring-loaded cams. The constant speed of the drum will not gouge floors.

The tilt action of the SL-8 allows for more controlled and even sanding when compared to other machines available to the rental trade. Sanding forward and backward, the operator can be assured of straight sanding because it runs on the drum and the wheels. The weight of the machine is designed and evenly distributed for the best results. A completely sealed, repulsion-induction Baldor motor, will run the drum at 1,800 rpm on 14 amps. The drum will not slow down or speed up as it sands, resulting in a level smooth finish without waves.

The repulsion-induction feature virtually eliminates brush wear by using the brushes only to start the motor. The brushes lift off the motor via centrifugal force when the motor is up to speed. The SL-8 motor does not use capacitators.

John Goddard, vice president of sales and marketing for Essex Silver-Line says the ease of use makes the SL-8 stand out. “It was designed to work like and give the finish of the bigger 220-volt machines used by professional floor sanders,” he says. “The drum is run at a slow constant speed that allows the user control over the operation.”

Verified by John Goddard, vice president of sales and marketing for Essex Silver-Line.
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Motor: 1 hp
Drum width: 8 inches
Drum speed: 1,800 rpm

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