Safe Air for Small Rental Centers

Dear RER:

As a small rental center with two pieces of aerial equipment, I was delighted to see your March subject matter. As I read through every word of every article, my excitement turned to disappointment. Following is this reader's input on “how to do it better.”

Indian Peaks Rental Llc, has always been dedicated to providing the right equipment and making sure our customers are set up for both success and safety. We are already quite aware of the steps we must and should go through when renting aerial equipment. The problem we are having is in finding a way to train our customers to meet the ANSI standard. Our rentals tend to be for short periods of time, with a variety of individuals. I would guess that there are many small rental centers that have the same issues.

At The Rental Show, we asked our manufacturer, Niffty Lift, to help us out. Their comment was that they are trying to work on it. We also approached two of the bigger manufacturers. They have programs for their dealers, but were not interested in us at all. The program, you featured, from JLG, is way too involved for a customer who may spend two hours, once in his life, in the basket.

It would be great if your organization could do more research into training alternatives. From our point of view, a system that involved interactive training, with a question and answer period, followed by a test, would seem appropriate.

We look forward to a future RER article.

Mike Leiser
Indian Peaks Rental Llc
Tabernash, CO

[email protected]

[Editor's response: We understand your situation and hope to address it in follow-up articles on aerial work platform safety.]

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